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gremet-gremet waton slamet, alon-alon waton kelakon, ojo nggege mongso,cagak amben cemethi tali, jer basuki mawa bewa,
Biarpun merayap asal selamat, alon alon asal terlaksana, jangan mempercepat musim, mengerjakan pekerjaan-pekerjaan sulit, kerjaa berbahaya, dan berat diperlukan orang yang benar- benar mumpuni/qualified,untuk mendapatkan keselamatan, kesejahteraan, dan kebahagiaan hidup senantiasa diperlukan biaya, kerja keras, dan pengorbanan

Dari pepatah yg kita dengar , semua pekerja harus mengedepankan safety, pelan asal pekerja selamat no nearmiss no accident dan jangan mempercepat sesuatu pekerjaan yg blm di analisa metode kerjanya dan safety faktor hanya demi mengejar progres saja tanpa pikir kan nasib para pekerja, karena sesuatu pekerjaan yang berat dan berbahaya harus kita sesuaikan dengan kompetensi pekerja yg sesuai jangan hanya modal berani tapi blm bisa mengerjakannya sebelumnya karena untuk mendapatkan keselamatan, kesejahteraan, dan kebahagiaan hidup senantiasa diperlukan biaya, kerja keras, dan pengorbanan, termasuk pengorbanan untuk menunda pulang, pengorbanan untuk menunda bertemu dgn keluarga, istri, anak, kekasih, teman ngopi, sahabat, dll.

Karena safety bukan hanya ditentukan dari kekompakan tim hse tersebut melainkan kekompakan seluruh tim management termasuk tim lapangan untuk mendukung, keberhasilan hse merupakan hasil dari campur tangan dari tingkay bawah sampai tingak pucuk pimpinan top management.

So.. i think safety is everything,
And safety it couldn't hurts 😊😉

Daripada satnight gak jelas mending ngawasin para pejuang keluarga pencari nafkah barokah, tetap keep safety first #safetyinspiration
#safetyindonesia #ptpp#infrastrukturuntuknegeri#tolpandaanmalang

I celebrate my Grandmother's 70th birthday and reflect and what she means to me. Is there a mentor in your life? Share below with the #DailyBlurb.

🔺a🔺h a p p y 🔺l i f e🔺i s🔺n o t🔺b u i l t🔺u p o n🔺t h e🔺g o a l🔺o f🔺p e r f e c t i o n🔺b u t🔺BALANCE🔺

Is disaster only a click away? @sue_scheff wrote a book on it! Let me know if you think yes.
I received an early copy and feeling like this should be required reading.
Inspiration to open our eyes and be better.
Between screenshots, revenge porn and real time impulse driven social media posts, how do we manage the liability?
Preorder this book on Amazon now for insight on how to manage psychological warfare in social media.
#thinksmart #safetytipnumber1 #safetyfirstkids #onlinesafetytips #onlinesafety #knowledgeispower #safetyinspiration #righttochoose #reputationmanagement #socialprsecrets #digitaldetoxsecrets #digitalsafety #shamenation #suescheff

#Repost @rulifr with
Kita semua pilih selamat 👷, thanks fotonya @rulifr
Yuk tag ke kami aksi K3 kalian @think.safety + #thinksafety
hari esok hadiah bekerja
dengan aman hari ini.
safety can be fun😊



🔺a🔺h a p p y 🔺l i f e🔺i s🔺n o t🔺b u i l t🔺u p o n🔺t h e🔺g o a l🔺o f🔺p e r f e c t i o n🔺b u t🔺BALANCE🔺

Efficient management without effective leadership is like straightening deck chairs on the Titanic. -Stephen Covey

Thank you, Father, that I have your strength working in my life!
All rights and credits reserved to the respective owners(s).
#beautifulfreedom #technology #safety #information #security #danger #life #nature #success #service #safetyinspiration #motivation #safetymatters #inspiration

Thank you for all the warm nods today on a great show #productionfamily - means a lot. It took an incredible team to do this. Trust, skill and attitude. Safety, good show and happy fans = success - here are some photos - message me on any questions for public safety - I got good learning lessons that I want to share !! The one time I will say, take no risks. #producer #production #productiontoronto #concert #safetyfirst #productionlifestyle #productionstaff #cityoftoronto #safety #cityproduction #cityproductions #safetyinspiration #safetyalways #safetyatwork #riskprevention #productionriser #torontoproducer #torontoshow #torontoshowbiz #torontolivemusic #torontoliveshows

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