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Happy Birthday to this big treat right here. @r_rickords have a great one and enjoy your day. Thank you for your continued hard work for the BDSF.
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"I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey." (Talledega Nights). #nascar #volunteer #neonvest #safetyambassador #spidermonkey

Long leg?!
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Super huge shoutout to the amazing @beinglayla_a - showcasing that rocking a seatbelt is all style.
Come now ladies, let's get in formation & help drive this safety movement to the next level!
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Yalla Qatar- GET INVOLVED 😬

1️⃣ Take a PARKED🅿️⚠️ Selfie📲wearing your seatbelt
2️⃣ UPLOAD ur pic to insta with the hashtag #makeitclickqatar
3️⃣You will automatically be placed in a draw to win a BRAND NEW BMW 3-Series car ✅

#SAFETY Think about an action before executing.

I represent all what's safe for me, for you, for Us.

Sorry don't mean anything, Good-byes ain't cool... Just do it safely so I can see you again tomorrow.

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Safety ambassadors, Michael & Michael, talking with members of the community. #downtownvisions #delaware #downtownwilmingtonde #safetyambassador #delagram

Happy #FanFriday! Meet Jack, our newest #SafetyAmbassador!
You can join the club, too! 🔗 Link in bio.

I don't volunteer because I simply can. I volunteer because I believe I can make a difference. Let's have fun together and be safe together. Smile, but be aware. Laugh, but look out for others. To my friends I'll see you sometime today :) Happy Pride! #pride #pride2017 #safety #volunteer #safetyambassador


Good Work LTBID. People who prey on and steal from the old and weak need to be in this position until they learn how to behave follow the law and treat their elders with respect.

A situation can escalate in a heartbeat. #littletokyobid #LTBID #safetyambassador #districtsafety #bid

#safetymoment with #comfortekpe
Safety when your house is flooded.

Safety Tips;
Remember that during flooding, bacteria become diluted and the risk of infection is likely to be low - however, precautions should be taken.

Need for Protecting yourself and others cannot be over emphasized, the following precautions needs to be followed: 1. Wherever possible, try to avoid coming into direct contact with floodwater, especially if it is obviously contaminated with sewage as this is usually the case in Nigeria. People actually use this opportunity to discharge their sewage. 2. Personal protective equipments: If you have to go into the water, wear appropriate protective clothing especially waterproof gloves and rubber boots and remember to be careful of hidden dangers. 3. Personal hygiene-Wash your hands - this is the most important way to get rid of harmful bugs:
a. Use clean, warm water, if available, with soap.
b. Wash and dry your hands: after going to the toilet, before eating or preparing food, after being in contact with flood water, sewage or with items that have been in the water, Use cold water if there is no warm water, Use wipes or alcohol gel if there is no water. 4. Keep any open cuts or sores clean and prevent them from being exposed to floodwater - wear waterproof plasters. 5. Food that has been touched or covered by floodwater or sewage should not be eaten. 6. Do not eat any produce grown in a garden that has been flooded unless the produce has been washed and cooked, even dangerous to have home grown vegetables salad.
Stay indoor on strong elevated parts of your building except your safety is threatened indoors and it's safer to go out.

If in extreme situation, call emergency services on 112 or 767 for help.

Have a safe Sunday

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