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😇 Gmorning! “He reached down from heaven and rescued me; he drew me out of deep waters.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭18:16‬ ‭NLT‬‬ #LoveLiftedMe
#SafeInHisArms #DailyDevotion

#SafeInHisArms .... Always protecting, Always providing, Always encouraging, Always supporting.... My Husband❤️thank you for making this Christmas very Merry for us all... Know that you will forever have our love and support.... You are appreciated... @__shannon__brown__

Behind a smile is a story that you'll never understand! #SafeInHISarms

It all began with HIM❤. Then came my journey to motherhood. #SafeInHisArms #MyCovering *In light of my 1st Mother's Day*.

I like it when you smile 😏, but I looove it when I’m the reason...💞
P.S. That lady in the background 😄😄😄 #latenightwithhubby #safeinhisarms

Daliśmy tyle żeby tu być, tacy jak my tworzą panteon, zdaliśmy kły dla tej gry a dziś wychodzimy na zero 😌 #safeinhisarms


Needed reminder after a rough week. #safeinHISarms #sleep

My two week check up was today, it was to talk over all my test results; I was tested for 5 diff things and 4 of them came back negative including lupus!! Thing is my body doesn't "feel" all this positive news. The Dr. did mention however that a negative result does not exclude a diagnosis of SLE (lupus). There was also another test done for a CK test and the levels were higher then normal levels should be. We will have to do some further testing to get to the bottom of all of this and get me to finally feeling better. He then went on saying that I don't show any signs of inflammation in my muscle tissue and all those test came back negative as well! All of my organs are in perfect condition, seeing that the first time I tested positive for lupus and that could attack them he wanted to make sure they were ok. So that's a HUGE plus! But even though he told me all of this goodness, in the back of my head I couldn't help but think "but why do I feel so awful?"..... Today I was reminded how easily we allow negative news to take over all the good that is happening in our lives, how fragile our human mind is and reminded yet again that the only One who can keep me standing in the mist of the chaos Is the One who holds everything perfectly together, "If we could just be still and trust in His timing, we will see His light" s/o to Camilo's Story for that beautiful reminder... I chose to "focus on the good"
God is good... ALWAYS GOOD! And I know this to be true. I've said this before and I'll say it again God doesn't waste any pain, and if it's God's will then it's all good!! That thought alone fuels me with all the strength that I need to carry on!!! It fills my heart with overflowing joy and excitement to see how His glory will continue to unfold in my life! Now THAT makes me shout for for joy! Who am I that you chose my life to be a platform for Your sovereignty?!?!! My heart will hold on to His promises and I will continue to trust in His timing... I need only to be still ❤️😌 #safeinhisarms #itsallgood #godisgood #inhistiming #bestillandknow #itiswellwithmysoul #instagood #instalife

I like it when you smile 😏, but I looove it when I’m the reason...💞
P.S. That lady in the background 😄😄😄 #latenightwithhubby #safeinhisarms

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