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I have a sale going on right now❗️If you want to order cones for Eid this is the last chance because I'm going out of town (You can freeze the henna until Eid) You can get 15% off with the code SUMMER and every order gets a free cone ‼️ have a wonderful day everyone!

Final stain 😍🌸 negative space inspo from @bharathi_sanghani_mehndi #henna

Sneak peak of my full arm shield! It's not done yet and I don't know if I'll finish it tonight but I'm so excited to show you guys the full design 💙

First time using a moon motif! My favorite part? The bracelet part, what is yours? Inspired by a design that @atlantahennaarts did on my right hand. For both designs look at my story. Sadly, I was only able to keep this one for about 3h and I had to wash it off so the stain is not good, but when it fades I'll do another one really similar because I love this structure! .
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Practicing bridal on myself 🤗 Negative space inspo from @bharathi_sanghani_mehndi #henna

First henna attempt was..an "experimental" art piece but I gotta start somewhere ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Also PSA to anyone that isn't aware: Never use black/blue Henna. It's not real and can be EXTREMELY TOXIC to human skin. I've seen lots of black henna tattoos being sold in places like Galveston so be careful folks and make sure it's reddish to brown in color.) ❤️ #aromatherapy #henna #safehenna


#Repost @mehndikajoeyhenna (@get_repost)
Please "like" this picture if you agree... feel free to repost if you want to spread the message.... if you are using a henna cones that you bought on eBay or amazon or in a shop ... and it looks like these cones (or similar) ... it's NOT natural henna. It's NOT safe. It's NOT acceptable for professional henna artists to be cutting corners this way! If you are a henna enthusiast, someone who loves henna but you're a beginner - don't worry, most of us started with these cones because we didn't know any better! HOWEVER. I am telling you now along with the rest of the henna community - these. Cones. Are. Not. Safe.
They contain dyes and chemicals and preservatives and other ingredients that extend their shelf life and allow the cones to be stored at room temperature for many years while still staying the same consistency and dyeing the skin. That is NOT how henna works. Henna is a perishable product.
Henna Paste is easy to make and there are suppliers who ship henna ingredients worldwide so it's easy to make your own!!! I'm going to post my recipe now.... stop using these cones. They are harmful and a disgrace to the beautiful ancient art form we all love! #henna #mehndi #safehenna #naturalhenna #blackhenna #hennaisneverblack

Maybe I don't miss winter......#comesitwithme ((or lay down whatevah!))

Final stain 😍🌸 negative space inspo from @bharathi_sanghani_mehndi #henna

This is how you get ready for Carnival

Today's appointment ✨ inspiration from @hennabyhannah51

Just go for it 💘

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