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Doing henna while having a tv show in in the background is my definition of a perfect night 😌 this is from a while ago, but in typical Alana fashion I forgot to post it so here it is now 💙 goodnight everyone!

Such a pretty final stain!! 😭😍 Thank you @hennackg for being a sublime inspiration ❤️ #henna

Another face #henna piece inspired by @anjali.henna. She has an eyebrow piercing to add some spunk 😉

Sometimes the henna paste is just so dreamy that you can't get enough of it 💙 also 45k!!! I can't believe it! I'll probably do a give away at soon ☺️

My palm from last night ☺️ I'll post stain updates on my story if you want to check it out! Also my website is re stocked if you would like to make a purchase, however there's limited stock this week so act fast💙

I just spent so long placing individual pieces of glitter on this henna to (because I'm in art class and glitter makes everything better) and I'm so pleased with it!!!! It looks so cute ☺️ if you want to see a close up check out my Instagram story!


Last nights setup at @plant4bowden ✨🌿🌸 Catch me this Sat + Sun at @theguildmarketplace

Cutest human evs @carlstroz #hennaluna

Such a pretty final stain!! 😭😍 Thank you @hennackg for being a sublime inspiration ❤️ #henna

Павлинье перо Кришны 🙏
Павлин - солнечная птица ☀ Олицетворяет собой сострадание и бдительность☝В разных источниках, перо павлина - символ духовности, изобилия, плодородия, женственности, приносит счастье, удачу, благополучие и достижение душевной гармонии 🕉 #павлиньеперо #павлин #pavo #naturalhenna #мехендитерапия #juli_om #mendi #yogaspace #красота #mehndi #хна #женскаяэнергия #beauty #henna #hennatattoo #hennaart #hennalove #safehenna #mehendi #heena #hennadesign #india #hna #creative #esoteric #energy #goodvibes #мехенди от @kakumashi 😻

To make living itself an art, that is the goal. -Henry Miller

LensBae // @babydoetabor

More henna cones available!!!! Link on bio to shop!!!! 👆🏻También pueden enviar un inbox para hacer sus ordenes. Envíos personales en el area Este y Metro disponible!!

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