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새론아 얼굴도 너무 귀엽고 보이고 입술도 너무예쁘고. 브이하는모습이 더 사랑스럽게
보인것같아보여~♥♥♥ 나도 학교생활힘들지만 새론이사진보고 힘이 불끈불끈 나기도햇어~♥새론팬들이. 힘들어지면 사진보고 힘내새요~♥
새론이 곰탱이 기대합니다♥~기대하세요

Muốn xỉu 😚🤗
#saeron 💓

ㅡ [INTERVIEW] 180319 #Yeri - CéCi Magazine April issue Cover Star
✏ Trans:
❔How was your trip? Did you just go with Saeron?

Yeah. I went to Bali with just Saeron. Because both of us wanted to use this trip completely for resting, as soon as the dates for my break came out, we thought a lot about where we should go. Bali was really hot, and although the two of us had to constantly put sunscreen on in order to not get sunburnt, we had fun resting. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget about this trip easily because eating good food and casually mingling with the other travelers helped me get rid of my stress and feel better. ¤
❔You turned 20 years old this year. But honestly, has that made you feel anything different?

Yeah, whenever I got questions about turning 20 years old, I always said that I don’t know what’s there to be so different, because it’s just time passing. But after thinking hard about how I could’ve changed recently, not when, I found out that one thing that I’ve changed is that I started to eat jokbal2. (Laughs) I’ve never eaten jokbal until last summer. I ate it for the first time last summer, while practicing for the concerts. I was starving and drenched in sweat, so I just took a bite of it but it was super delicious. After that, until the end of 2017, I always ate jokbal at least once a week.
❔It was your birthday a couple of days ago, wasn’t it? Did it feel different since you got to spend it with your fans?

This year, I really want to meet the fans, to the point that I started scheduling it enthusiastically from two months ago. Normally, it’s hard to talk to the fans face to face, up close and personally. So, through the birthday party, I wanted to talk a lot about the things that I couldn’t say before. Although it was a bit embarrassing, I also read a letter that I wrote out loud.
E.trans cr; HeavenDelight
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#예리 #레드벨벳

Ive been watching kdramas all day Oof -
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💌❤Jungkook And Saeron Have Very Sweet Moments❤❤💌
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