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There will be times where you’re going to be so torn apart and you won’t know what to do. You will be getting different signals from all directions, confusing and frustrating you. You might want to listen to everyone else and at the same time you’ll want to listen to yourself.The situation might seem super complicated and unmanageable. You might feel like giving up and just disappearing out of everyone’s sight. You might feel burdened with guilt and regret. You might just want to push everyone away and just choose to sob in solitude. You know listening to the advice given to you is best, but then your heart doesn’t agree.You know what’s right , but can’t bring yourself to make such a big and hard decision; something you can’t undo. Something’s are meant to be, but the time isn’t right. So what do you do then? Who do you listen to? Your heart or your mind? Is letting go going to help? Or is it just going to make things worse? You’re so confused. You feel helpless. You can’t let go, but you need to. And sometimes you should let the need over power everything else. Your heart too.
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