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Such sadness. Imagine if this were you.
Humans act and treat the world as if it belongs to them, but it doesn't.
We need to learn to care about other species beyond our own. We need to learn to coexist and to stop causing harm.

We cut down trees and clear away habitats taking no consideration for the wildlife that it effects, and then complain when wildlife dares to enter our homes and gardens.

This image in particular hits my heart - I'm trying to prevent several trees being cut down due to housing being built nearby - which has already destroyed habitats to make room. The trees are inhabited with squirrels and birds, already nesting and feeding their young. I ask myself WHO WILL CARE IF I DON'T?

It's out of control the rate at which we destroy the homes of wildlife. Sometimes I believe we will only wake up when it's far too late. So the saying goes- "When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realise that one cannot eat money." In the grand scheme of things, mankind seems determined to crash and burn and to take every innocent being with us.

We need to wake up✌️👁🌱

Camera Is Not Ready! American Airlines refused to let me board with my camera bag, and told me that if I didn't check it in they wouldn't let me on the plane. I decided to build the camera instead and take it as my carry-on, but they told me if I wasn't fast enough the plane would leave without me. Never been so abused or had such belligerent and unfriendly crew. American sucks. United sucks. Delta sucks. Southwest sucks. It's so hard to fly domestically in this country. #americanairlines #sucks #domestic #flights in the #usa are #terrible whatever happened to #customerservice #unglamorous #dplife #cinematography #travel #nightmare #documentary #filmmaking #sony #fs7 #fjallraven #sadtimes

Girls out here literally killing them selfs to look like these fake ass celebrities. 😡 This is why I hate all the celebrity worship it's all fake brain washing bullshit. #sadtimes

That time me and Ryan were fighting for about 6 months and he used to be snapping 😂😂😂 #sadtimes

We are all sad at Inglewood Amcal Chemist this week. Craig, who has been working at our pharmacy for the last 17 years, is following his heart and moving to Kalgoorlie to be with his girlfriend. Sooooo sad to see him go😥😥😥

Parfois on as envie de faire tomber le masque .
Les réseaux sociaux c'est bien mais j'ai comme beaucoup d'autres tendance à montrer le meilleur, je laisse de côté les complications et la tristesse .. aujourd'hui j'ai l'impression que tout ca me rattrape et que je n'ai plus assez de force pour sourire ou faire croire que "ma vie est belle"
Bien sûr il y as ma merveille , mon fils .. je tiens grâce à lui et pour lui ... #larcherprise #rattraper #sadtimes

They say muscle doesn't turn to fat 😹 I had muscle and it's now flab .... back at it now. Can't wait to get rid of the bingo wings 😬😬 didn't realise the muscle I had before ... I thought I was still fat back then #willneverbehappy #motivation #fightthefat #fitness #takemeback #tbt #vegangirl #health #veganmuscle #2yearsago #sadtimes

Cya later car, it's been a time!! #upside #sadtimes


Goodbye 12ft 120. We will miss you. #polevault #snapedit #tracknation #sadtimes

Having to say goodbye to this beautiful gem. She has been a big part of my life these past 18 years. Many many Carmel residents loved her as she would wait on the beach for me every day while I surfed. She would wait unleashed and watching from the beach.
#lovemydog #sadtimes #dog #dogs #goingtomissher

Last day the three musketeers will be working together :( Best 3 working years ever. Good times! @samdrq @graham_holloway #work #farewell #sadtimes

Three years of Criminal Justice has come to an end. 😔 Can't believe my Independent Study is the last thing I'll ever hand in to WIT. 🎓

Still miss wee Gina </3 :( #timehop #sadtimes

Gonna miss you guys 😥


Grażyna czeka na odlot ✈️

Very nice but somewhat pointless waste of time cup of tea in Carmarthen today #sadtimes

Finally went to see Logan yesterday. I am now an emotional wreck, that movie is so sad and awesome at the same time. The movie is like a sledgehammer to the heart. #Logan #wolverine #ripme #sadtimes #rip #deppressed #sobbing #wearingblackallweek

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