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#throwback to #sadqaytumhare days.. because I'm in Lahore and nostalgia is a good thing.. (mostly)

This is the eve before my new show #dilbanjaara goes on air, and I'm very excited for it! But 2 years ago, on exactly thIs week, my first tv show, #sadqaytumhare happened to me.

Sadqay just had some magic about it.
Maybe it was because it was the first time In my whole life that I really shed my skin, immersed myself in something so inherently traumatic for me and allowed myself to be vulnerable to the world.

And maybe also because it was based on the writers own experiences and I carried the burden of that pinch: of a failed loved, on my shoulders. Never once letting the integrity of his pain drop.
And maybe also because I got to work opposite an old friend who I inherently trusted and who nurtured the actor out of me. @mahirahkhan
Whatever it was, it was still something else.
I know first times can't be repeated, but Sadqay spiralled me to a place of tremendous personal growth.
I'm not sure what role dilbanjaara will play in my life, but I can hope that it's at least as profound. Even if it is in lightness to Sadqay's darkness. ❤️🙏🏼

[1/3] Most requested song 'Hazaar Baatein' from Sadqay Tumhare 💥
Tap on #ShanoKhaleel to watch more scenes from Sadqay Tumhare
#mahirakhan #sadqaytumhare

Lol.My fav scene 😀😀.
She is so funny .Cant wait for MJ2.

#mahirakhan #sadqaytumhare


Shano Khalil vm on "ek dil ek jaan" 💝 @mahirahkhan @adnanmalik1 #SadqayTumhare 🌟

#throwback #sadqaytumhare
#mahirakhan #babar
@mahirahkhan @mahirahkhan
@iambabarzaheer my lovely shano ..haaye re hum sadqay tumhare😍😍😍😘💋

Hotness alert🔥🔥❤❤
When #mrhandsome wear red tee❤ i'm keep falling in love with him again an again😍😍😍🙈 #guggainred❤ #sadqaytumhare #mrmalhotra @sharadmalhotra009 #newpost❤

Aj Phool bhi nikhre nikhre hai🌹
Aj un main tumhara aks bhi hai🙈
Aj halki halki baarish hai 💧
Aj sard hawa ka raks bhi hai 💃
@mahirahkhan @iamsrk #raees
#songsongcouple #Verna #homannjahaan
#sadqaytumhare #humsafar #binroye

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