Live Fearless! I received this book from my Grandma for my Birthday! I’ve always liked Sadie Robertson since she was on DWTS! She is my role model! @legitsadierob Be kind and humble! #livefearlessbook #instakids #sadierobertson #inspirational #purpose #passion #reading #fearless #childmodel #childactress

Hey y'all! Happy #socksunday ! Sorry I've been kinda quiet🙈 I've just been taking this weekend to relax and sort of unplug! I got about 150 pages into Seafire and just wasn't loving it😭 I'm not about to force myself to read it (especially when Wildcard is coming out SOON and I still need to reread Warcross!) so I'm putting it down for now😆 I'm going to pick up this book by @legitsadierob! I need a good Jesus book right now and I think this one is just perfect! I seriously can't wait to read it!!
This photo is a different style than I usually do! I don't know how I feel about it but I'm all for trying new things! I'm getting antsy to change up my theme completely to a fall theme!😏
Do you like to try new things on your bookstagram? How often do you change themes?
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check my bio for the link!! y'all this is Sadie Robertson (@legitsadierob @liveoriginal ) video on how you shouldn't care as much about the outside and more the inside because even though people see the inside God sees the heart and if you're like most girls you care a lot about what you look like on the outside and how people see you, well this video is awesome and helps show you why you shouldn't mind what people think!! and you should definitely check it out! if you have a few minutes. this applies to girls more than guys but still!

@liveoriginal @its_sadieandlaney @legitsadierob #liveoriginal #lo #sadierob #sadierobertson #itswhatsontheinside

Love this @legitsadierob. Such a great roll model. .
Be a reflection of the king!

I’m tired of allowing fear to rule my life. I’m tired of holding back from things that, deep down, I know I’d love to do but don’t because of fear. I want to dream and have the courage to chase those dreams. I want to live life wide open and fearless knowing that God did give me a spirit of fear but one of power, love, and sound mind! (2 Timothy 1:7) Thank you, @legitsadierob , for sharing your story, advice, encouragement, and the Truth. I dedicate this season of life to defeating fear and becoming fearless! (And no, the notebook wasn’t planned but it was a happy coincidence :) ) #fearless #godisgood #defeatingfear #livefearless #sadierobertson #daretodream #chaseyourdreams #soar #courage

Updated Top 50 non fiction bestsellers.

@legitsadierob's @whoathatsgoodpodcast starts tomorrow! Find out more and subscribe on our site. #whoathatsgood #podcast #sadierobertson

This week's #TeamTuesday is led by @legitsadierob, an activist who has a mission to create a Zero Hunger world! Join her in making a difference for Rohingya refugees by sharing a meal with #SadieRobertson!

From @legitsadierob - RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU NEED GOOD ADVICE!! Many of you are craving encouragement and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by life at times. Am I right? I’ve got you friends. Tune in to my @whoathatsgoodpodcast launching SEP 12!!! Seriously this is going to be so fun. I’m sharing the best advice from some of my favorite people…here’s a sneak peek of the guest lineup. Tag a friend and subscribe today (see link in bio) #whoathatsgood @whoathatsgoodpodcast - #sadierobertson #elizabeth

Have you ever felt like you can’t pinpoint what the meh in your faith is?? But you are praying, and staying close and connected with God, and you know it’s not Him, but you don’t know what you are doing wrong? •

I recently felt like this, and finally after lots of digging in my bible and prayer after prayer and talking with God like he’s my best friend. Well I mean he totally is! lol •

I found that I wasn’t embracing where I was right now in my life. I’m constantly so fixed on my future and what I want that I wasn’t just allowing God to work in my life. I did a video on it on my YOUTUBE if you wanna listen. LINK IN BIO

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(Swipe Left and then read...). This is me during my first year of college. In addition to the horrible fashion sense (sheesh!), you can probably tell I look unhappy, and that I'm hiding. My binge eating disorder was really taking hold at this time, and I remember feeling SO alone and desperate. I wanted freedom but just didn't know where to begin.
All these years later, God has redeemed my struggles with food in the work I get to do today @findingbalanceofficial, including being the official ministry partner for the brand new "Finding Freedom" Bible study by @alyssajoybethke and Duck Dynasty's @legitsadierob . I can't help but believe that what became ten years of disordered eating could have been much shorter if I could have connected with others going through similar battles and found truth together in community, and it makes me excited to know that thousands of women can get better faster because of studies like this one.
If you're out there and want to find freedom from food issues, God is ready and available to meet with you! If you need some guidance along the way (we all do!), please visit findingbalance.com/freedom and check out the "Finding Freedom" study or our Lasting Freedom online support program. We're here for you. *
(Oh, and be sure to follow my other insta @findingbalanceofficial for DAILY inspiration to move you forward! Yes, shameless plug cause I know we're passionate about your freedom!)
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