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“I had a dream about you last night and 
that’s the only reason why it hurts so much now because 
you’ve got a girl and I’ve got a feeling in my chest like someone ripped my heart out to sell to the highest bidder and
you’re not gonna read this because I told you to stay the fuck away so 
it’s okay if I say I love you. 
it’s okay if I mean it.”
— i guess we really were just what you said– lily rain (via wont-time-love-us)

Alguien mas es de méxico? Soy el único? :c

whats the last emoji you used?

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#Caption :No Needed #SadBoy #AdilSmarty 👉

haters pasti bilang ini editan.
padahal ini di Meikarta.
#tripalone #sadboy #fotoijazah #soon #waitingforanothersunrise


ए आसमां मुझ पर गिरा तू बिजलियां
देखें बाजू-ए-कातिल में कितना जोर है। #Rain #barishh #Sad #sadboys #sadboy #broken #shayri #indian #love #red #ilovered

💎🖤⚡️algo que me sorprenda ?

I'm also gonna post some $crim and Ruby ❤

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