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OoOoO spooooky! Am I a floating ghost head, or just a sunbathing weenie using the patio step as a pillow? 👻👻👻😝 •

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Waiting for mahm to say “go!” so I can devour these @redbarninc treats 🤤 #TheGoodestGirl #RedBarnBullys

| looking forward to the weekend like 🐶|

In other news, I also ate a wallet and peed on a new rug. #willbehavefortreats

| flower baby 🌸🐶 |

A year and six months #sactowndogs #sactownpups

I spy with my whittle eye 🧐

Today we found a little homeless dog and it’s so sweet! You can tell it’s been homeless for a long time, it has horrible knots and dreadlocked hair and is just not in the best condition. We can’t even tell if it’s a boy or girl because of all the hair. We were going to drop it off at a shelter we know and love downtown but they were closed today. So we took it home, gave it food and water, and set it up in a nice dog crate with blankets in front of a heater. I think we’re going to keep it! We want to make sure it doesn’t have a home first so we’re gonna check tomorrow if it’s microchipped and if not we’ll go to the shelter on Sunday for free vaccinations. Then once we have its shots we’ll get it groomed and all cleaned up! We can’t wait to see how he or she looks under all the hair and dirt!

Also, an update on the dog we found last month! We fell in love with him and decided to keep him. His name is Chunk and he’s the best and so sweet 💖 He loves going on walks just as much as he loves car rides and taking naps. Can’t wait to take him on walks with future clients’ dogs and get him more socialized!
Also that leash he’s wearing in the last two pictures was too big for him but perfect for us to use when we caught him on the street. He now has a cute little harness and new leash that fits for his size and he walks so well with it! The leash around his neck was giving him a hard time when he went on walks and he was hacking and choking himself because he would try and pull too much. Happy he can be comfortable now!

We have some new business promo in the works! Still trying to get this off the ground, we want to do it right and I’m hopeful that we’ll have our vision brought to life very soon!

Women’s hockey won the GOLD!! Yay!! Now mommies will watch Animal Planet!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸😍😍 #flop_with_a_ph #sactowndogs #sactownpups #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #usawomenshockeyrules

Youky said that he wants “personal space.” Idk what personal space is, but I’m gonna be right here next to him while he waits for it!
#youky #buster #corgisofinstagram #muttsofinstagram #huskyaussie #sactownpups

The old man is trying to squeeze into my photo. 😂😄

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