Meat up at the Meat Out!

I will have the best in Crystals and Gemstones.

Essential Oils, give-aways and a sprinkle of NON-GMO herbal tonics, liquid extracts, supplements, Certified Vegetarian and more.

In between time to get any of these fine, carefully vetted products to put in your, on your body or near it, hit the link in bio.

Proudly serving the local Atlanta community for 20 years and making global connections to spread love and passion in natural living.


This right here is a powerful remedy #viruchord. I'm grateful to know it along with some core herbal remedies has helped a dozen plus clients this month to fight off nasty aches & pains that we may associate with the flu virus.

I buy direct from the manufacturer, grower or formulators for about 85% of the herbal products and remedies I recommend. I also make my own blends. It's not stored by a 3rd party, sitting in some warehouse. In many cases I visit the manufacturer direct. If it sits with me, its in a sacred space where the energy is cleansing, healing, holy and sacred.

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This is important to me because there is so much going on in the industry and a lot of junk is getting mixed in with the good stuff so I want to know that I'm getting a product that is bonafide authentic. I personally do not have a lab set up to test products or guarantee whats in a product so i go above and beyond to ensure that my clients are getting what they want from each herb, to ensure it contains the nutrients that support the body and that's what I look for company's I invest with.

I'm really serious about this, its my body I'm putting these products in and want the same for my clients.

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Kelly Jorae Jefferson |​​ The World's Most Passionate​​ ​Natural ​Health Professional

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An unhealthy colon is likely the result of years of poor eating habits and other bad lifestyle choices. The body will thrive when the colon is being nourished with love, high vibrational whole foods and sacred waters.

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Cleansing your colon is an excellent way to treat your whole body on the inside.
Cleanse with a passionate, knowledgeable and fully dedicated Colon Hydrotherapist. Your health is your wealth! www.sacredwaters.net

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We demand the latest and greatest in technology, fashion, hairstyles, cosmetics and even our food. But who is thinking about protecting the most important asset of all, the asset that will sustain you thru life...you know what I'm talking about, your health - it it your greatest wealth. Protect your heart to love your liver, move that colon to keep your body happy and light. Eat Clean With Kelly...fruit, veggies and herbs everyday!

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At Sacred Waters I provide my clients with step by step, beginner to advance ways to help flush the body of toxins using seasonal whole foods.
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I love eating good food, healthy food, it's comes to me natural but now that we are all continously bombarded with messages like Quick Fil'a, Cheap'ole and flooded with fast food options it's so easy to fall into traps of eating processed, chemically tainted foods and once you get a bite of the addicting excitotoxin ingredients it's hard to not crave more...it's like you become an 80's crack fiend. Well think of where your food came from as you're biting into your next chargilled burger or sucking the mystery meat off a lemon pepper hotwing. Think of what & who handled your food, injected it, sprayed it or the other unnatural steps to get the most profit from it before it makes into your mouth, belly and gut to sit for a few days, yeah I hear you...I go to bathroom everyday...pshhh. Good food is vital for your health. It will sustain you. Chemically processed foods trick you, in time you will meet high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gout, gut rot and worse the diabolical diabetes. Insure your health with a clean eating plan that energizes your mind, body and soul. Learn more with Kelly at www.sacredwaters.net

Go with the flow, try not to fight it. This is how we keep our balance. I AM a Plant-Based Bodacious Soul. #blackgirlmagic

Ouuuu my Natural Girl Pop with The Kelly Cleanse...
When you cleanse regularly you look younger and feel vibrant longer. #blackgirlmagic

Eat clean, drink green...get access to our signature recipes even your teenager will love!

Live a life free of pain...cleanse, detox and nourish, mind, body and soul. Become one with nature...spread love! #mommy

Cleanse, Detox, Nourish with Kelly
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