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Great evening at The7 tonight #The7 #sacredpathways

"The Puritans called the Sabbath the 'market day of the soul' - a special day to care for our inner world and to spend extra time relating to our God. The problem is that some of us try to take a shortcut, and fulfill God's call without receiving God's nourishment. Disaster lies down that road." #GaryThomas #SacredPathways #sunrise #sunday #sabbath #rest #God #nature #blessed

~Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand~ Henry David Thoreau

#SunDay traditionally Sunday is the day our ancestors honoured the Sun... Seems pretty apt to reflect and give thanks for the light that nourishes the earth, especially today! The last new moon before the winter/summer solstice... The dark moon energy and winter solstice cave have me deeply reflecting on how important it is to choose to honour the light that is ever present even in our darkest hour... The yogi's teach that the light within ones soul shines brighter than 1000 suns!! So today, I invite you to acknowledge the Sun-in-you-Day ... That no matter how dark, there is a light within that is ever present to guide us home... As a collective we are raising the frequency on the planet, birthing the new earth tribe, remembering ways long forgotten yet still very alive inside of our soul... Sending warm hugz to you from snowy Canada this sunday!! Keep shining, namaste and rock n roll!! 👌🏼🙏🏼⭐️💛 #sacredpathways #bethelight #onlinetarotreading #medicinewomentarot #sacredwomen

Got out of my study cave for a walk around campus to clear my head. Even on her most dreary day, Fall is the most beautiful of all. #sacredpathways

“After a number of people in a certain congregation had read one of my books, I was invited to speak at their church retreat. Prior to my arrival, I received quite a few letters in which various members stated their high expectations. At the start of the first talk, I did my best to temper those expectations. ‘It would be very easy to manipulate a mountaintop experience over the course of this weekend,’ I told them. ‘Working with the worship leader, setting the right schedule, having carefully coordinated teaching progression, we could create a spiritual high if we wanted to.’

‘But after praying rather substantially about this weekend, I became convinced that I am not here to offer you a mind-blowing ‘date’ with God. I want us to talk about how to be married to him — about how, through the ups and downs and the routine of life, we can learn to spend time with God, enjoy Him, and be conformed to his will. Anyone can ‘date’ God. The truly mature seek to be his faithful, lifelong companions.’”

Gary Thomas - “Sacred Pathways”

This gorgeous combination of Mugwort, Frankincense, and White Sage became an ally in my healing practice. Thanks to Tanya, @amulettestudios for her constant vision and intentional creations. Developing sacred vision seems to be a a prevalent theme for me these days. Grateful for the medicine that comes my way to assist in that process .
#amulette #amulettestudios #pathways #sacredpathways #plantmedicine #plantallies #medicine #vision #sacred #healing

I started “Sacred Pathways” by Gary Thomas and this story from Part 1 really reached out and grabbed me:

Gary tells the story of Dr. Wayne Grudem who was working with many other scholars to complete the ESV translation of the Bible. They were working so hard to finish it, discussing it all day and making important decisions about what words to use and tricky passages. They were working so much, Dr. Grudem noticed that this was taking time away from his prayer life.

Gary said that many people likely wouldn’t see the danger here, because Dr. Grudem was doing such good ministry work and his days were full of discussing the Bible.

“What was the big deal if, for a rather short season, Wayne allowed his prayer life to drift a little?”

“According to Wayne it became a very big deal. After God convicted him for not giving prayer its due, Wayne wrote in his journal about the spiritual sickness that followed from not tending to his heart: ‘pride, talking about myself a lot, inwardly hoping people would praise me, lack of love for friends, irritability, a general inward feeling of unease, self-reliance, no peace.’”

“These are classic signs of a heart that is drifting from God. Wayne was devoted to a very pleasing work — translating the Bible — but even the act of translating the Bible can leave us spiritually empty if we ignore building intimacy with God through prayer.”

#TooBusyNotToPray #SacredPathways

Nice 5mile hike today with a good friend. Only tracked the way out. #optoutside #journey #sitandlisten #sacredpathways

♡ Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul?
Why are you crying the blues?
Fix my eyes on God—soon I’ll be praising again.
He puts a smile on my face.
He’s my God.
When my soul is in the dumps,
I rehearse everything I know of you. Psalm 42 ♡

As you face your situations ~ fears ~ questions ~ doubts. This word encourages you to rehearse what you know of God. Your Rescuer, Healer, Saviour.
In rehearsing your soul song is revived.
#sundaymusings #doitagain #youareloved

Pretty lil things 🌲

~cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you~

Moments like these...

Autumn changed colour! 🙌🏼

Healing the Sisterhood
Imagine with me... You are walking on a path
You feel the cold earth beneath your bare feet
Each step feels heavier than the last
You are growing tired
You are not sure where you are going,
yet you can't make yourself stop
The mind lets go and you surrender
The body knows something you do not
You smell something
See a light in the distance
You squint to try and see what is up ahead
Your hand reaches out to touch what seems so far away
When your feet finally stop, you find yourself at a campfire
Looking around, you see other women whose path led them to the fire as well
As a single tear meets the corner of your eye, you throw your head back
and howl

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#wanderingmoontribe #healing #sisterhood #coven #feminist #tribe #sacredpathways #findingyourhome {::Hobbs Photography::}

Discovering how we worship at Awakening tonight with @ccdstudents @youthccd #sacredpathways #worship #church #lovegod

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