Вот и готова моя "Сакральная связь" я даже незнаю радуюсь или уже скучаю по ним. Они великолепны, насколько это возможно передать чувства и эмоции 😍
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This morning, I sat by a sunny window in my home and gave thanks while I drank my morning tea. It felt like so long since I felt the amber rays warming my back.
I pondered the concept of gratitude again today, reflecting on the ways that I both embrace and push against my soft, quiet, slow paced life.
Thinking of my teachers, the enlightened elders who came before me, acting as guides, reminding me when I forget to live in harmony with the world around me. These elders help me to understand how to be a good and decent person, how to live in reciprocity, and how to share my medicine with a world in need.
I know that I need a quiet, beautiful, slow life. It is my medicine. I long to sing with my morning tea, to make tinctures and creams as part of a larger spiritual practice.
Desiring to have my gifts recognized, honored, and valued in the world, but in a way that honors my sensitivity and need for quiet, I take solace in the slowness of planting, tending, drying, storing, making medicine, and writing.
Trying to fill the shoes of those before me, I listen, guide, soften, educate, and try to instill the values I received from my own mentors, passing along wisdom about the sacred bond between land and people, and the primary practice is devotion, gratitude.

FLASH back. wouldn’t trade being her mom for ANYTHING 💛✨💛 #fridaygratitude #bangsfordayz

4 months and 19 days old⚡️ Weight: 14.4 pounds 👍🏼
Height: 24 inches
Head circumference: 17 inches
He showed his Dr how good he is at smiling and rolling. So well behaved at appointment. Such proud parents over here!!!!! 💓💗 #4month #checkup #babyboy #tallboy #adorable #sacredbond #magicmates #inlove

If you know me and/or follow me on Insta then you know that I talk often about sacred reciprocity. It is through my own sacred bond with the land that I am reminded how everything in this universe is hitched together. It is this bond that informs how I show up as a human, psychotherapist, herbalist, and nature writer.
Devotion of gratitude is THE MOST important practice we have. Period. This earth based practice, beginning with the rise of the sun each day, is a profound thanksgiving to the earth; the seen and unseen realms, the spirits and physicality of the plants and animals, the people with whom we agree and disagree, like and dislike, the medicines of the lands, the gifts of fire, water, air, stone, and metal.
It is a practice of honoring all, as everything has a place in the natural energy system of this world.
The earth, like any good mother, provides and teaches her children how to provide for themselves. Through the abundance of gifts in the season of summer we learn how to tend this bond of interconnection, honoring the cycle of life, the returning warmth of spring after a long, cold internal winter.
So, where on this magical planet do you feel the greatest sense of place? What landscape nurtures and supports you?
We can love the earth, indeed. And let’s not forget either how deeply the earth loves us in return.

Put some respect on my name...
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I’ve been thinking a lot about @run4salmon and the incredible bond between the Winnemem Wintu and their beloved fish. At the @geographyofhopemarin conference Chief Sisk said, “What happens to the salmon happens to us”. ><>><>
What if there is a being somewhere with whom we are all inextricably bound in this way? Who lives within us and whom we honor? Who gives us life physically and spiritually? ><>
In a way that is a deeply sad idea- which humans belonged to the passenger pigeon, now extinct? How are the beach strawberry people living while the wild runners reach without their human hearts? ><>
But in a sense it is also so hopeful. We can return to and bring alive those relationships. No it won’t and shouldn’t look like indigenous wisdom if we weren’t raised with those traditions, but it can look like something beautiful, reciprocal, and enlivening for us and for the wild ones. ><>
Also consider contributing to @run4salmon and help bring their beloveds home to the McCloud River watershed.

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