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This one I REALLY REALLY LOVE😍😵😱😄 @sabrinacarpenter #sabrinacarpenter #sabrinaedit

I'm so tired but I just ate so much so I'm also bloated UGH
Qotp: what's your best video game?

Holo my sweet amazing followers who seem to still follow and like my posts even though this account is trash

This font is still so weird but it's easier to see so yep

Going back to bed night

OMGOSH JUST FREAKIN SLAY MAN🔥🔥🔥😍😍😵😵@sabrinacarpenter #sabrinacarpenter #sabrinaedit

I've been awake 48 hours.

Another Sabrina edit for ya! @sabrinacarpenter #sabrinacarpenter #sabrinaedit


hello i'm watching jurassic park II

[100 letters]
hey!!! sorry for the change once again, but i decided to revamp this account. just starting fresh with a new theme and a new user :)
; mary 🔥

hello sorry i just woke up once again

qotd; what grade/year are you in?

what a cutie. i love her

good afternoon i just woke up and i has the weirdest dream that i met a guy and dated him, and then he cheated on me?? in so confused what does this mean

— So let me hold both your hands...
I got a new watermark! I keep changing watermarks tbh 😂
& This edit is soo simple but I like it 😂🍃
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i think it's only been a little bit more than two months and i've hit 800 followers. followers are not the most important thing to me. well the amount isn't, but the fact that there are 800 of you blows my mind. you're all still here, and i continue to meet new people through this account. you guys are what give me motivation to keep this account going. i love you all so so much. raquel, you are my absolute best friend, i prefer you over any other irl friends. you are the one person i can rely on and can always go to because i know you'll never let me down. you are a reason i still have this account. you inspire me and push me as i push you too. i don't know what i would do without you. next year baby, i'm coming for you. i love you.
@sabrinacarpenter my god you are one beautiful and incredible being. i aspire to be as successful as you one day, and without you i wouldn't know the people i do now. your music is everything to me and your actions inspire me. i love you so so much sabrina, i can't wait to meet you one day.
kat and monica, we may not be the closest, but i love you guys with all of my heart. thank you for being here with me, @lovesloadedspam @smokeandrilaya
for my next goal, i want 1k of you children under my wing by november 22nd, which is my birthday. let's get started.
to the next universe and beyond, i love you all so so much.

guys.... i'm one away from 800 which is only 200 away from 1k.... how in the world

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