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day 4 play and run.. #fcfounders

Digitally restored classics marathon while having my mapagpanggap na lunch! @iwantvofficial #ReelFeel #iwanttvppv #digitallyrestored #SaAkingMgaKamay

thank you for this great opportunity to join with you.
#SIGABOys2k17 #sigabo2017 #sigabo #SaAkingMgaKamay #RegionalSpeechChoirCompetition

Magkakasama tayo, #SIGABoys2k17
@parefsouthridge pray for our boys as they compete today with 20+ schools in this years #CMLI National Sabayang Pagbigkas Competition #SIGABO2017

Dungis na 😂
Kaya pa yan . 💪

#SaAkingMgaKamay 👌

I probably spent more time listening to this album than reading my notes during exam week. I like those beautiful melodies telling me awesome things. Such an icon @kztandingan ❤ Thank you for the signed album 😘

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One down ✔️ 3 more.. what a nice movie, hindi ko inexpect yung pagiging intense nya grabe hahaha #SaAkingMgaKamay #solo

Panoorin ang digitally restored and remastered #SaAkingMgaKamay sa mga sumusunod na sinehan!

Don't forget to catch the digitally restored and remastered #SaAkingMgaKamay!

The digitally restored and remastered #SaAkingMgaKamay is now showing at the following cinemas!

Movie no. 42 for the year, #SaAkingMgaKamay reminds me of how honored the Philippine entertainment industry is for having great actors like Christopher De Leon (Hail to the Drama King!), Chin-Chin Guttierez (still the most beautiful Filipina actress for me), and Aga Muhlach (Hands down, the ultimate boy next door!). Though made 21 years ago, this film is still relevant today. I'm not actually good in making reviews, but let me share with you some lessons I have learned from watching this great film.

1) Time is the answer, not love nor communication. Thus, it is of utmost importance that we spend it wisely. And if you have a family, they should be your number 1 priority. Not work. Not friends. Not anything else.

2) Fidelity is the best policy. It is true that marriage is an uphill climb, but why cheat? Why be unfaithful? Or at least, why lie? I really don't get it. Why would most married people rather complain about their marital problems than create a solution to it? And why would they rather communicate with other people about their situation than with their partners themselves?

3) Behind every criminal lies a childhood story so dark and so painful. Hence, parents should be very careful in raising their children because they could actually create future criminals out of their insensitivity, immaturity, and selfishness. Accept it or not, but it is not the government nor the environment that shapes a criminal. It is mostly the parents.

P.S. Photo is a collection of all my Cine Lokal movie tickets. I actually failed to watch in April. But starting May, I have never missed any film. So looking forward to the first Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino this August!

#movies #films #cinelokal #cinelokaljulyfilms

Relive the masterpiece! #SaAkingMgaKamay NOW SHOWING at the following cinemas!

'Wag kalimutan panooring ang digitally restored and remastered #SaAkingMgaKamay sa mga piling sinehan!

The digitally restored and remastered #SaAkingMgaKamay is NOW SHOWING at the following cinemas!

Its #CineLokal movie night with FDCP! #SaAkingMgaKamay is legit 21 years after!


Watch the digitally restored and remastered SA AKING MGA KAMAY in 8 SM Cinemas across the country from June 30 – July 6!

Ticket Price: 120.00

#SagipPelikula #CineLokal #SaAkingMgaKamay #AksyonNgayongHulyo

Sa Aking Mga Kamay.
Now showing in selected cinemas until july 7. 120 pesos only. Motan-aw ko ani, hehe

Sa aking pagmamahal. Sa aking kasalanan. Sa aking hinagpis. Sa aking kabaliwan.

#SaAkingMgaKamay #SuspenseThriller #SerialKiller #PsychoMovie

Relive this masterpiece! #SaAkingMgaKamay now showing at the following cinemas!

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