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finally out the garage after a few months..so much still to do
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To often we lose our family or friends without getting to say goodbye and how we truly feel. So while we both can still smell the roses I'll say what's on my heart... You're a brother to me , You're a son to my mother and you've been one of my best friends for over a decade. I'm glad You're alive (for selfish reasons) and I love you fam. Be careful out here the world needs @dannyfantem 👑🌹🌹💙💙
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Ok so real talk, last night. My buddies tire blew out on the highway and he lost control of his car. His car hit my rear bumper and sent us both spinning across the highway. I eventually I came to a stop when I slammed into the concrete median. But we're both ok and that's what's important. Things coulda been so much worse. PLEASE NO ONE TELL MY MOM. #atl #atlanta #s2000 #s2kga #s2k #wrekt #donttellmom


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