As I gradually bring myself back out into the world after 10 days of silence, I can't help but notice that everything visually seems more crisp and vivid, things are more pungent in both taste and smell, and it's a very LOUD place we live in! So many different layers of sound. Oh my! 😋

There's so much I could share about my experience (and still sooooo much to contemplate and process) so for now I'll keep it simple. - The words "Start again" have a new meaning; the silence was the easiest part for me; it was a roller coaster of thoughts, feelings and emotions; it was odd to "live" with 60 + people and not know anyone's name or what they sound like; just when you think you understand something about yourself/life, dig deeper because there's more than meets the eye; this was one of the top 3 most challenging life experiences for me to date; I've been preparing for quite a while and I'm grateful for my upbringing, strong foundation of integrity, and moral compass and there's so much more programming and conditioning to unravel; Being with oneself 24/7 is the ultimate inward journey; it's amazing how many thoughts revolve around futurizing and regurgitating the past. Very few reside in the present moment; What I've learned is that when we take the time to create mental space in whatever way that works best for us, we also make room for even more gratitude and appreciation for the people and the current situations in our lives; and this increased level of love and compassion I have for myself, those closest to me, and for the entire universe cannot be described in this moment!

May all beings be happy, peaceful, loving, compassionate, liberated, harmonious, and equanimous! Love and Namasté 🙏 (Expanded version available on Facebook! Instagram made me cut it short!) 😉

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I am officially off the grid for my 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Training course! I look forward to sharing my experience when I return.
Here’s a challenge for you to ponder... Where can you become more quiet in your life? What is distracting you from whole hearted connection with yourself or fully present communication others? What can you “silence” for a few hours today? I challenge you to find more space for quiet and contemplation in your own life. Let me know in your posts using #rytchallenge or comment below. #vipassana #meditation #trainingcourse #10daysofsilence #rejuvenate #renew #reveal #release

Silence is a source of great strength - Lao Tzu #rytchallenge #integration #rememberyourtruth #strengthinsilence #silence #strength

Only 3 more days until my 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Training course! I can’t wait to unplug, learn some new techniques, and use these skills to work with my amazing clients. Are you willing to commit to a few moments of silence this month? Share your “quiet” practice using #rytchallenge

I’m looking forward to participating in a 10 Day Silent Vipassana Meditation Training Course August 8-20th! I will be practicing meditation daily from 4 AM - 9pm for 10 days, in silence. This means I will be totally offline and unplugged for those 10 days.
All of the students attending the course observe “noble silence” — that is, silence of body, speech, and mind. We each make an agreement to refrain from communicating with our co-meditators.
I’m excited to be observing silence because as we all know, life can get really stressful at times. We tend to overwork ourselves and use busyness as a distraction and sometimes things just seem loud. Consider this ... where can you find more quiet in your day? #vipassana #meditation #silent #silence #noblesilence #observation 🙏 #buddha #rytchallenge #vipassana

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