Deadpool 2 writers confirmed reasom to keep the Vanessa character alive by the end of the movie was a decision they made so the possibility of a Copycat chage can be kept alive for future Deadpool movies to come
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A espera acabou e a dúvida permeia: Deadpool 2 é tão bom quanto o primeiro?
Assista a crítica sem spoilers de Lupenauta e descubra!!! #deadpool2 #ryanreynolds #youtuber #youtubersdemanaus #youtubebrasil

So if you’re looking for a reason to go re-watch that movie, this is it.
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“Daddy Needs To Express Some Rage.” - ❤️ dt: @lof.mp4 @levy.edits @mxstic.diaries

!!!!CONTEST!!!! Well its come to my attention we gave a contest brewing. Maybe it's all that love in the air? Or the fact that @cybertronmessiah has told me to do something. So I've raided our closet it's full of things wonderful things! And I @glitch.teb would love to give some to you. .
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i stan the black black widow
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Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay are teaming up for a Netflix movie titled Six Underground with a reported budget of $125M
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Deadpool was AMAZIIIIING!!! I’m in love with Cable now... oh yeah Baby!!! „Dubstep's for pussies!“ ❤️🖤😂🤘🏻🇨🇦 #deadpool #deadpool2 #cable #joshbrolin #ryanreynolds #dubstep

Deadpool 2 😍😂 crazy m*****f***** 😂😂😂 And yes i have a Bracelet only for Deadpool tonight 🙈 #deadpoolcomicbooks #deadpool2 #paracord #paracorddesign #paracordworld #ryanreynolds #crazymotherfucker #cinema #unicorn #bracelets #accessories #red #black

‪Loved @VancityReynolds in #Deadpool2! Seeing him without hair got us thinking how he’d look without his amazing hair in real life🤔 Let us know what you think in the comments!👇

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