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I'm late, but happy #OlympicDay!

#RyanLochte is preparing for the biggest challenge of his life—fatherhood! The Olympic swimmer and fiancée #KaylaRaeReid are expecting a... 🍼 (link in our bio to find out the sex) | #Repost @ryanlochte

Had a blast in Rio. Oh, and we also won some Gold Medals. #GoUSA🇺🇸🏊🏼🏅#RyanLochte #JimmyFeigen

Cutest pregnancy announcement ever! 👶 Congrats to #RyanLochte and his fiancé! (📷: @ryanlochte)

@kaylaraereid & #ryanlochte's newborn son Caiden is beyond precious 💙 The new parents are clearly in love with parenthood ALREADY! #kaylarae #baby

#RyanLochte shared a beautiful snap of his family with fiancée #KaylaRaeReid and son #CaidenZaneLochte. 👪 Swipe ⬅️ to see Kayla's pic of baby Caiden! (📸: @ryanlochte & @kaylaraereid)

Happy little family! #RyanLochte and @kaylaraereid's little boy Caiden is too precious! 👶❤️ (📷: @ryanlochte)


Two days ago I'm straight chillin'. At the beach in the water spy hopping for some thicc ass 10 year old Latinas, you know, MY USUAL SHIT. Then I get the call: "YO SHARKY YOU HEARD THIS SHIT? THIS NIGGA BEEFING YOU" "Yo, yo, yo, slow down. The hell are you talking about?" "Bruh, Michael Phelps is challenging you to a swim race for shark week" "Ight, tell that nigga meet me at Key West ASAP"
Four days later and I get there, I see all of the camera crews with "SHARK WEEK: DISCOVERY CHANNEL" on their shirt. I look around and spot my bro Jo. "Phelps is right there. Swim up to the line and speed off when it starts." "Ight bet, gimme goggles bro. I need too see underwater." "Goggles? GOGGLES? FUCK YOU NEED GOGGLES FOR NIGGA, WE'RE SHARKS" "SHUTCHYO GAY ASS UP AND GIMME MY SHITS"
So I slipped them fine ass bitches on and turned to my wife, Dory. "If I don't make it back, tell our son Nemo don't be a bitch ass nigga who gets offended by shit on Instagram." I turn away from her and head to the Line. I see him, Michael "Giraffe neck" Phelps. I don't say shit to him but he let's out a "I'll beat yo ass in this race." Before I could say anything, the gun blasts off. I booked it. I couldn't see him anywhere so I know for sure I'm dusting his ass! Cameras on the bottom of boats record every moment of the race. I'm heading for it, for glory!! Then. . .then it happened. I was tackled onto the sea floor by a white blur. I couldn't move for what felt like days. Then I see Phelps pass me then Everything went black. By the time I awoke, I was on the warm beach sand. I saw Jo beside me. "Did. ..did we win?" "No nigga. Lochte slammed yo bitch ass and knocked you out cold." "Lochte? RYAN LOCHTE?" "Just look that way" I turned my head to the right. There they were. Ryan "lil dick" Lochte and Michael "Giraffe neck" Phelps being interviewed by camera crews. This wasn't it. I pulled out my gay pride flavored dildo and looked at Jo. "Execute order 69"~Sharky
Moral of the story: Latinas are the root of all evil
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Are you excited for world swimming championship? 💪

I'm late, but happy #OlympicDay!

Ryan lochte is an American swimmer and specialised in medly and backstroke.
He won a total of 6 gold medals at the Olympic games. What an amazing guy! ✌
@ryanlochte #ryanlochte #heroryan #gold #olympicchampion #olympics #backstroke #medly

Can we PLEASE get back in the pool?!

Inspiring! #ryanlochte #usaswim

I improved my time and picked the win in my 25 m breaststroke.. we come to win... all the practice pays off!! #swim#Darrellswims🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾 #swimatlanta#ryanlochte#iswim💦 #michaelphelps#olympicgoals🏅

Never stop trying! 💪🔥


@kaylaraereid & #ryanlochte's newborn son Caiden is beyond precious 💙 The new parents are clearly in love with parenthood ALREADY! #kaylarae #baby

Try this drill for core stability! Credit @alloutswim

Comment below your swimming idol 👇If you have one!

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