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do not know where to start (my longest ever post) ...
first off. #mushroomhead @mushroomheadofficial should be headlining tours that do not involve ICP. Not being a hater or a troll. just MRH are above that. friendships or not.

They are on a tour that's trying its best to collapse/implode. with venue changes etc they lose rescheduled dates and turn up to cancelled shows and tonight they got dealt a shit hand when their sound blew out more than 4 or 5 times. anyway. Insane clown posse gig or not I am so happy I decided to get myself down and watch Mushroomhead give their all!
anyway. watched them blow the place to bits and promptly left. walk out of riverside & am immediately bumping into them and able to say face to face that I (like many) was there for them ,not those jokers headlining. Now I'm not one for being a groupie hangabout the venue kinda guy. but man if every band was like mushroomhead I would be.
By fluke chance i end up hanging with one of the nicest bunch of people I ever have met. Meeting the whole band, and every single one of them being sound taking time to talk to a fan. that is something special. I've followed this band for over 15yrs and have to say @jackielaponza is an amazing new big part of them. she is an absolute dream, man, on and off stage.
Then.. i randomly end up gifted his stage worn mask by #tommychurch ! and between her and @skinnymac216 it ends up passed around to get fully signed as I chat to each member at the tour bus without me asking for shit. just cause Jackie is that amazing with fans !
I can't express beyond this essay, how cool it was to meet these guys and make me love them more. Left with a memento I never expected and I can't wait for them to come back to UK... headlining... with no hiccups, no dramas. no clowns X

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