Last Sunday’s run, along the Amalfi Coast with a pink skied Positano at sunrise, looked a bit different to this morning’s run through the fields at home 💘 a photo that I didn’t get round to sharing from our trip. Promise to get on with blogging it all very soon! Just playing catch up at home/with family and I must be a good granddaughter and go to visit my grandparents today. Hope you have a lovely Sunday planned. It’s a dog walk and a roast day for us #rvklovestotravel #positano #travelgram

💘🇮🇹 I probably say it about every trip but this really was one that I didn’t want to end. So grateful, always, for fun romantic adventures with this guy. Sat at Naples airport, it’s time to go home. Until next time Italy! ✈️🇬🇧 #rvklovestotravel #homewardbound #ciaoitaly {photo before an incredible dinner @hotel_santa_caterina a couple of nights back ✨}

One last #ihavethisthingwithfloors check in from Italy. Will be swapping sandals for Chelsea boots and trainers very soon I expect 🍋💛#rvklovestotravel @hotel_santa_caterina #ihavethisthingwithtiles

💘✨🇮🇹 last day in this dreamy Italian bubble. Ten days full of spectacular views, sunrises, sunsets, sea swimming, dramatic cliffs and coastlines, beaches with umbrellas lined up in neat rows, old crumbly towns, chippy pink paint, vespas, fiat 500s and the food. Oh the food. I’m excited to start going through my photos to write up the travelogues as I can’t quite believe how much we’ve packed into this memorable trip which I think has to be up there as one of my best ever adventures. From Puglia to the Amalfi Coast and now for one last day in the sunshine @hotel_santa_caterina. Booking a late flight home has never felt like a better idea 😍 #rvklovestotravel #amalficoast #travelgram

🛵🇮🇹 spotted this iconic scene on the pretty walk around the cliffs to Amalfi & Atrani earlier. This time tomorrow we’ll be at the airport. Is England feeling all autumnal yet? 🍂 #rvklovestotravel #🛵 #travelgram

Obsessed with this view over Amalfi from our room {and even bathtub!}. Watching the boats go past all day long. Tiny dinghies to fishing boats to posh super yachts to ferries going along the coast to Positano. The Australian lady who was on the balcony next to us when we arrived told me that I’d take 1000 photos of the view during our stay, especially at sunrise, and I don’t think she’ll be far wrong... 💘⚓️ @hotel_santa_caterina #rvklovestotravel #amalficoast #presstrip #mycaterina

All of our rooms are fitted with hand painted Majolica paving tiles from Vietri and marble bathrooms creating spacious and light filled suites. .............. 📷:@rvk_loves 🍋💫 I’m sure you all know how #ihavethisthingwithtiles so you can imagine my delight when I saw that this was our suite @hotel_santa_caterina {!!} tile heaven. Feeling ridiculously happy this morning, waking up to a sunrise over Amalfi from our balcony and a breakfast like no others. #rvklovestotravel #amalficoast #mycaterina

Full of sunshine by day and then twinkly lights at night. The views across to Amalfi from here are 👌🏻😍 @hotel_santa_caterina #honeymoon #presstrip #honeymooning #amalficoast #wanderlust #travelgram #leadinghotelsoftheworld #luxurytravel #italy #hotelsantacaterina #rvklovestotravel #mycaterina

🍋💫 I’m sure you all know how #ihavethisthingwithtiles so you can imagine my delight when I saw that this was our suite @hotel_santa_caterina {!!} tile heaven. Feeling ridiculously happy this morning, waking up to a sunrise over Amalfi from our balcony and a breakfast like no others. #rvklovestotravel #amalficoast #mycaterina

Good morning from @hotel_santa_caterina ✨. The total honeymoon dream. Who would you like to be swimming here on the Amalfi Coast with? #honeymoon #presstrip #honeymooning #amalficoast #wanderlust #travelgram #leadinghotelsoftheworld #luxurytravel #italy #hotelsantacaterina #rvklovestotravel #mycaterina

We’re checking in from a very special honeymoon spot for the next couple of days, @hotel_santa_caterina built into the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast and with a sparkling view out onto the sea. Full feature will be on the blog soon but we already know this will be a special one. Have you planned your honeymoon yet? #honeymooning #presstrip #rvklovestotravel #honeymoon #amalficoast #travelgram #wanderlust #luxuryhotel #leadinghotelsoftheworld #hotelsantacaterina

⛱🍋 There are hotels, and then there are hotels. As a travel writer, I’ve been ridiculously lucky to stay in some amazing properties over the years. But my husband agreed that not many will top this. We’re ending our Italy trip in style @hotel_santa_caterina and saved the very best until last. Old school glamour at its finest this resort is practically an institution, with the most incredible views and this beach club at the bottom of the cliff {!}. And I’m bursting with excitement to spend the next couple of days here. #rvklovestotravel #presstrip #amalficoast {this is a press trip in exchange for a review on my blog & as part of a honeymoon feature for @soyouregettingmarried. Will be posting there too} #mycaterina

The best kind of Monday blues... 💘 this trip has felt like we’ve been away forever, but at the same time I’m hoping these last few days go realllyy slowly. I don’t want this trip, and the Italian food, uninterrupted time with this guy and these views, to end! Thanks for putting up with all my holiday spam. #rvklovestotravel #polaroidsfrompositano #travelgram

🍋🇮🇹 This yellow fiat, the colour of the lemons out here, was in this same perfect spot on our last visit. To my delight it was here again on our hot walk back around the cliffs home from the beach today. With that coastline and Positano in the background 😍 #rvklovestotravel #fiat500 #italy

💘🐆 can never resist a pink wall. Or leopard print it would seem, the last of the summer dress, basket & sandal wearing for this year. In other news, I’m soaking up these beachy days and back to loving my kindle. I used to be mad on books but then this year, after reading I am Pilgrim right back in January, I just couldn’t get into anything new. I’d spend time flittering on my phone or reading the papers instead of a book. But this holiday I’m back in the game. Getting wrapped up in books that you can’t stop thinking about is such a beautiful thing, and having time to read guilt free is heaven {especially on a beach!}. I’d really recommend Little Fires Everywhere, Thirteen and The Wives. You? #rvklovestotravel #ihavethisthingwithpink #rvklovestowear

💘🇮🇹✨ waking up here and walking through town to the beach. Coming back to a place you loved so much first time is always a gamble, will it be as good? But I can definitely say that it’s even better. Especially in September compared to May, the weather and sea colour. This Sunday morning walk will be hard to beat... #ohpositano #rvklovestotravel #bestviewintheworld

I forgot just how pretty the hand painted tiled floors are out here. In fact, even all of the street names are hand painted tiles on the wall. Magical evening in Positano, pasta and a pretty pink sunset sky above the boats bobbing around. It’s so good to be back 💘✨ #ihavethisthingwithfloors #ihavethisthingwithtiles #rvklovestotravel

A few last photos from Capri before we move on to Positano ✨⚓️ mainly of those magical views... #rvklovestotravel #capri #travelgram

🍑🇮🇹 just peachy {everything tastes so good out here}. We’ve loved this short but sweet stay on Capri. But now for the part I’ve been most excited for, returning to Positano eeeek ⚓️✨ #rvklovestotravel #🍑 #positanobound

Capri ⚓️✨ #rvklovestotravel #capri #ohitaly {and hi! I only really seem to share photos of myself when I’m on holiday...}

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