Stopped by the newest Flower Child for lunch today for their grand opening and was pleasantly surprised at the lovely little free treats — namely a beautiful bouquet of flowers and fabulous macarons. Impressive welcome touches, @foxrestaurantconcepts @eatflowerchild 💕! (Also love that they’re donating to @thejoybusorg today!) #iamaflowerchild

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What do you mean when you say branding photography?
A question we often get asked and we totally understand why - it’s not an area of photography you regularly hear about.
And that’s what we want to explain!
Social media has completely transformed brand marketing and brand awareness.
That’s where we come in as branding photographers!
We create compelling imagery for brands - whether national or local brands, fashion or lifestyle bloggers, restaurants, or personal brands - to market their products and services to their ideal clients.
To understand why this is the new focus for our business, we’re sharing more about it on the blog today.

Looking forward to heading back to some of our favorite places in Scottsdale and @ruzecakehouse is definitely first on the list. Who doesn’t like boba tea, cotton candy or roses...not to mention it’s vegan friendly. I’m so ready for more of this deliciousness!!!
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-Ruze Cake House- This place is the bomb and a Scottsdale gem. This was my second time going and their menu was totally different than the first time. They always have super creative seasonal drinks as well as different coffees, and they do loads of fancy baked goods and cakes. I started off with their Prickly Pear Lemonade, it had bobas in it and was topped with Cotton Candy because why not? It was crazy good as to be expected! We also decided to try some of their macaroons since they have about 25 flavors to choose from and they all sounded and looked so good. Second picture was the Nutter Butter one and third picture was the Drumstick one. Both were packed with flavor and done really well. This is a super cute space and one worth checking out!!

Happy Father's Day to all the incredible men out there! (PC: @danielkimphoto)

I can't handle the cuteness!! Thank you so much @ruzecakehouse! Just beyond! Steven is going to LOVE this! #puglove #pugsofinstagram #ruzecakehouse #scottsdale

We grew up going on camping trips
Bracing ourselves as we walked out of a room because we knew we were going to get scared (but we secretly loved it!)
Laughing our way out of getting in trouble
Knowing we were cared about
Always made to feel pretty
And still to this day feel like the luckiest girls
Because of our dad!
Happy Father’s Day to the best, and to all the dads today!

I just can't get enough. Strawberry lemonade boba with a cotton candy float from @ruzecakehouse in Scottsdale, AZ.

Hanging with this babe today!!! Picture's from a couple weeks ago, but it's too cute not to share!
AZ babes: have you been to @ruzecakehouse ?? I'm DYING over their Prickly Pear Tea and insanely delicious macaroons!
Outfits both totally linked! Top is literally to die for, right??
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I want this drink every day, please and thank you 💓

Tempe always seems hotter with you🌸😘

#tempe #ruzecakehouse #stopandtastetheroses #macarons

The Ruze!
Soooo Yummy!
Not a fan of cotton candy but it was a cute touch☺

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@ruzecakehouse always knocks it out of the park with their creations! Who would YOU send a box of these sweet treats to? 😋 Tag them below!

No trop to Scottsdale would be complete without @ruzecakehouse macarons! Enjoying them back in Texas is the best!!
#ruzecakehouse #ruzemacarons #scottsdaleaz #macaronehore

Stop & taste the roses... and the macarons 😋 #macarons #ruzecakehouse

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