I was so honored to be asked to create an Energy Mandala Kinetic Drawing at the Brooklyn Museum for the launch of Adidas/Wanderlust’s new yoga line on International Day of Yoga! I so enjoyed uniting my 2 loves, art and dance, into 1, and facilitating the group to create their own!

Flowing in Central Park

Throwback to a Personalized Mandala for a Wedding in 2011. They were married under this exact oak tree with the heart chakra symbol overlaying it.

Personalized Mandala of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Personalized Mandala Painting for @liveinbalance_withnadia

I am participating in this #flylikeayogi challenge focusing on giving back to an organization called– RAINN – The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. Join us for a 10-day Yoga Challenge – Fly Like A Yogi – where we will be focusing on arm balances in a way that makes them accessible for everyone. Did you know that arm balances were great for building mental and physical strength, self-empowerment, confidence and courage? That’s why they’re so perfect for this particular challenge and charity! At the end of the challenge, all of our sponsors will be donating $1 per challenge participant up to $5,000 each, and our goal is to exceed 10,000 challenge participants!

Personalized Mandala with Goddess Tara, focusing on being whole within yourself to make space for a healthy relationship. Excerpt from Blessing Note: “Your Mandala holds the Buddha Tara, the Great Mother Goddess, in her whole, enlightened state. She carries the key to liberation from suffering as a symbol of love and compassion to all those she blesses.
The golden lotus held in her hand and supporting her as a throne is a symbol of wisdom, purity, and enlightenment. The lotus is a flower that grows in the mud. The deeper the mud, the more beautiful the lotus blooms. It shines pure and pristine, untouched by the mud, rising above and out of the pain. Like the jewels adorning her, she has been through the pressure and polishing that turns a lump of coal into a diamond, or a clouded, wounded heart into a jewel heart. Her robes and crown are also gold, symbolizing the highest vibrational color connecting the crown chakra to the Heavens. One breast is showing, and one is hidden, allowing her life-giving nurturing qualities to be in balance. She can give life, being vulnerable, open, and sensual, while at the same time being protected, respected, and cloaked or hidden from harm.”

Personalized Mandala for a couple with hamsa and dragons, focusing on protection. Excerpt from their blessing note: “The hamsa hand is an ancient symbol of protection, or “warding off the evil eye”. It holds the all-seeing eye in the center to stare down and chase away the shadows with its connection to truth and spiritual vision. A twelve-pointed lotus flower (symbol of wisdom and enlightenment) surrounds the eye, shifting into a circle of hearts (love and compassion for self and others), extending into a sunflower pattern (sacred geometry/nourishment from food) with a crescent moon (lunar energy) above. The design extends behind and beyond the boundaries of the hamsa as a symbol of how this true vision, wisdom, and love is never-ending and eternal.” Please contact me for more info on ordering a personalized Mandala painting. Link in bio.

The Buddha’s footprints. A personalized Mandala painting for a couple dealing with health issues. Excerpt from their blessing note explaining the symbolism: “The idea of rooting down to rise up is a common theme throughout your mandala. As you each root your footprints into the earth, leaving tracks of peace for others to follow, you radiate wisdom and peace out into the collective consciousness, as seen by the radiant rays of light and vibrant colors emanating out from your mandala.”

Love is the bridge between you and everything. -Rumi #manhattanskyline #brooklynbridge #ruthiecisse #nyc

Let’s hear it for New York 🎶


Detail of a student group painting to be hung in a special venue. More info to come! Surprise, surprise.

Mandala created at #doingliving for @liveinbalance_withnadia! Such an honor to work in such a beautiful space and give the mandala to a beautiful soul dedicated to conscious commerce.

Teaching West African Dance today for kids with special needs. I am so happy that they felt inspired to move!

A Personalized Mandala Painting for budding ballerina @anderson_mikayla.

We are so happy to have this gorgeous outdoor space to start the first day of my yoga class for Sparkidz, a recreational program for kids with special needs. #sparkidz #yoga #yogaforspecialneeds #yogaeverywhere #newyorkyoga #kidsyoga #ruthiecisse

Subway Portrait

Portrait of my aunt and uncle for a milestone Birthday gift based on a photo from their wedding. #happybirthday #customfineart #drawing #portrait #wallart #instaart #instagallery #newyorkartist #ruthiecisse

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