it’s Friday night!
Bowie + Frida + Me wish you all a lovely weekend.
The pizza oven is on & ready to make delicious homemade pizzas We are getting the Princess Bride set up to watch for the eleventy billionth but definitely not the last time.
Hope your weekend is full of belly laughs, good food & hugs from your favourites.
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My tribute, on the anniversary of his death, to the fella who shaped the sound of my life.
Thank you Mr Bowie 🙏🏻 #ruthbrutenceramics #ruthbrutenceramicsbowiebust #ruthbrutenceramicsfridakahlo #australianceramics #davidbowiemagazine⚡️#davidbowie #davidbowietribute #aladdinsane #davidbowiefanart

Studio vibes.
Looking forward to getting started on my next sculpture
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Kiln stacked with Coffee bowls for a Bisque fire today.
Frida is watching over the kiln
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Coffee bowls available from my online store tomorrow until sold out.
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My kiln reached it's top temp of 1280C during the early hours of this morning & is now sitting at 716C.
It won't be cool enough to open until tomorrow.
I find this waiting so incredibly difficult.
Patience is not something that I have ever been good at.
Ceramics has forced me to practise it.
I have surprised myself by accepting that it is a necessary part of the process.
A slow cool allows the glazes to harden & strengthen & opening the kiln too early risks vessels cracking from thermal shock- perhaps ruining weeks of work. It's just not worth taking that risk.
So today I will find other work to busy myself and distract me from the temptation of opening the kiln.
Tomorrow I can look forward to seeing some new experiments & whether they have succeeded or failed.
Frida stands guard over my work as always........
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An earthenware glaze firing going on today, including the second of my ceramic headdresses. The dogs will be thankful for a bit of extra warmth😌.
Look after this lot Frida 🙏🏻
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Kiln is jam packed for a Bisque firing of Salad bowls & Coffee bowls.
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Been packing orders all morning. Slowly getting through them all- it is a hugely time consuming part of my work.
Thank you everyone for being patient!
If you are waiting on orders- they are coming. Promise🤞🏻
It’s just little ol’ me doing everything so I really appreciate your patience.
It’s already 31 degrees in my studio & now the kiln is on with a Bisque firing climbing up to 1,000C so I’m outta there!
Not a Summer girl at all......do not cope 😫😫😫
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Thank goodness it’s Frida-y!!
Throw back to the beginnings of my Frida bust- she is the keeper of my kiln & the guardian of all my work.
Frida, is to me, a reminder to hold strong in tricky times; to carry on with fortitude; that imperfect is perfect; that colour is king & that creativity can be the healer of souls.
I hope your Frida-y is colourful and full of soul.
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Frida is on my workbench drying while I roll balls of clay ready to throw today.
I need to carefully & slowly dry my Frida sculpture to avoid cracking & make sure she is bone dry before her first firing to try and avoid her exploding in the kiln.
I'm rolling some balls of stoneware clay today to make some bowls.
#ruthbrutenceramics #fridakahlo #ruthbrutenceramicsfridakahlo

After a morning of baking I am now working on the fine details of Frida.
Somebody asked me yesterday what is what I liked about Frida.
I thought I would share.
Of course I love her art but perhaps more importantly is that she is a Woman warrior.
She lived a life of inspired creativity & colour in the face of terrible pain & tragedy.
She is a reminder to forge ahead despite adversity.
My kiln is named after her (Frida Klaho ☺️) & it seemed appropriate that I made my first attempt at sculpture in her honour.

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Todays work in progress.
Terracotta bust of Frida Kahlo.
Time for a lunch break
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Work in progress.
Time to stop & pack up, ready to start the school run!
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Continuing with work on Frida today......
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