#RuthAsawa (American, 1926–2013), Untitled, 1965, Lithograph, 2nd state, Norton Simon Museum, Anonymous Gift, © 2018 Ruth Asawa

“ A child can learn something about color, about design, and about observing objects in nature. If you do that, you grow into a greater awareness of things around you. Art will make people better, more highly skilled in thinking and improving whatever business one goes into, or whatever occupation. It makes a person broader. “
-Ruth Asawa

"My curiosity was aroused by the idea of giving structural form to the images in my drawings. These forms come from observing plants, the spiral shell of a snail, seeing light through insect wings, watching spiders repair their webs in the early morning, and seeing the sun through the droplets of water suspended from the tips of pine needles while watering my garden." — Ruth Asawa, June 5, 1995, from the exquisite new monograph from @davidzwirnerbooks
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IMAGES: “Untitled (S.089, Hanging Asymmetrical Twelve Interlocking Bubbles),” c. 1958; “Untitled (S.335, Hanging Four-and-a-Half Open Hyperbolic Shapes that Penetrate Each Other),” c. 1954; “Untitled (S.563, Hanging Six-Lobed Form with Two Interior Spheres),” c. 1956 – all © The Estate of Ruth Asawa, Courtesy The Estate of Ruth Asawa and David Zwirner, New York/London/Hong Kong. Spread and cover, “Ruth Asawa” by David Zwirner Books, photographed by Kyle Knodell @kyle_knodell

Ruth Asawa Tiffany Bell David Zwirner Books
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Ruth Asawa's San Francisco Fountain. Yay folkart!!! #sanfrancisco #folkart #fountains #ruthasawa 🙂🌁🇺🇸

“Sculpture is like farming. If you just keep at it, you can get quite a lot done” Ruth Asawa. This sculpture “Rest” from way back in 1992, is 64”x30”x20” and is made from 161 pieces of wood seamlessly jointed together and rocks. This #woodsculpture can be horizontal, vertical or suspended. It’s great over the years to be able to see the continuity and growth in my work. It is a bit like farming watching ideas sprout and take shape. #loreneiferman #woodartisan #woodsculpture #woodart #artbyawoman #femalesculptor #ruthasawa #sculpture #contemporarysculpture #contemporaryart #rest #sculptureart #nyartist #interiorart #interiordecor #indoorsculpture #tobecasted #artforthehome #artistsoninstagram #artwork #artcurator #artadvisor #neverstop

Sunny sneak peek of our May issue that will hit the shelves in the next few days. On the cover #mariahassabi, inside Swiss architect and designer-duo Trix & Robert Haussmann on their influences, a profile of Japanese-American sculptor #ruthasawa, five artists and writers and their open letters to #adrianpiper and much more! Get a copy, you’re worth it! #frieze#magazine#art#culture

I've decided to do a #STEAMPunkSaturday to showcase all the different S.T.E.A.M. Punks I created through @bossierarts

Ruth Aiko Asawa is a Japanese-American Wire Sculptor who was deemed "The Fountain Lady" by the city of San Francisco and she was the driving force behind the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts, named in her honor @sota_shows

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Wire hangers seem fairly innocuous — a thin line with a lot of space in the middle. If you’ve ever picked up a substantial amount of dry cleaning, however, you know that the weight adds up fairly quickly. I originally thought that #RuthAsawa’s looped wire sculptures would be similar — big, with lots of space, but ultimately heavy.
On her website’s handling instructions, however, Asawa notes that the sculptures are quite light (the largest pieces only 50 pounds). I love this, not because I ever think I’ll be able to afford a Ruth Asawa sculpture, but because it’s a beautiful metaphor for our practice. It can seem heavy, even daunting, but with some porousness we can actually achieve a sense of lightness.
Asawa describes these sculptures as “not unlike medieval mail,” and this deepens the metaphor: The benefit of chainmail was that the weave provides a flexibility, while the metal offers protection against weapons. As (ever-reliable) Wikipedia puts it, “Mail, if a warrior could afford it, provided a significant advantage when combined with competent fighting techniques.” So, too, with a consciousness of practice can the ability to have some openness actually be helpful for our practice.
While remaining in an intentional space of meditation, we can also be flexible with what comes up, allowing it to pass through us without fighting it. We can be with what is, which, in my experience, makes for a much sustainable practice. Rather than think of meditation as a big behemoth of a metal sculpture, it can be a bit more enmeshed with the rest of our days. We can see the shape of our practice, as well as the spaces in between.
#TodaysContemplation: Within a dedicated mental space for practice, can you be completely open to the environment in which you sit? Can you hear the sounds, feel the textures, experience your thoughts and feelings, while simultaneously allowing them to pass through? Consider trying this in a public space, like on the subway or in line at the grocery store. Try leaning into the moments of discomfort that would normally signal “real life” versus “meditation life.” Can you allow the former to coexist with the latter?

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an artist is not special. an artist is an ordinary person who can take ordinary things and make it special | ruth asawa.
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a lovely #ruthasawa overlooking construction and the hudson river

Ruth Asawa, Untitled (wall-mounted tied wire), c. 1967, shown at David Zwirner Gallery, 2017 #ruthasawa

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