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This week is basically going to happen at a sprint pace. Hold on to your butts.

Hope y'all had a great wipe #playrust #rust #rustgame #rustopia GL on tomorrow everyone

I'm drooling over these stools rescued from my friend's basement...to be used as side tables in her family room. They've been painted & distressed by the lovely @abbycharlton...now, to pull all the other pieces together...

Treated myself to some new TOMS wedges for having a 3rd client signed on by @rustopia!

Ready. Set. Shop. @rustopia

I love having all of you follow me here on my personal account. If you don't already, I'd be so happy if you'd visit my business account @rustopia too! I'm on Facebook {Rustopia} as well...it would also be great to see you over there!

One of my favorite parts of the styling session last night was seeing how this MCM chair was completely transformed with only a simple coat of white paint. The paint makes the lines of the chair pop; I added a quilt to the chair for added interest and texture.

If you could have one account {I should say the person behind it} from Instagram come decorate your house...who would it be? Please share account and why! 💛

Take ya to the candy shop...


In Sleep we lie all naked and alone, in Sleep we are united at the heart of night and darkness, and we are strange and beautiful asleep; for we are dying the darkness and we know no death.
Thomas Wolfe
#rustgaming #rust #sleeping #naked #nude #float #levitation #gaming #gamergirl #videogames #rustneversleeps #rustopia

Zergs on rustopia be like #playrust #rust #facepunchstudios #rustopia

Hope y'all had a great wipe #playrust #rust #rustgame #rustopia GL on tomorrow everyone

I don't do those Man Crush Mondays or Woman Crush Wednesdays, because frankly, they are super annoying. 😏 However, I was thinking today that I have such a huge pool of awesome friends who are also business owners/entrepreneurs like myself, I should throw them a shout out so you can realize what awesome people they are, too!
Hilary Prall of Rustopia Consulting { @daydream__believer__girl } is one of my most fun and talented friends. We do a lot of work together, where she helps me style photo shoots, and I photograph her before and afters. It's a match made in heaven and I love working with her and being involved in just a {tiny} part of her genius. These photos were taken last Spring at a Vintage Fair we worked together. Check out her Instagram and give her a shout! ❤
#rustopiaconsulting #rustopia #plethoraphotography

Post tall ships aka Dude Where's My Car

Check out my babe about to stream twitch.tv/bchillzz #rust #rustnchill #rustopia #rustafied

If you find yourself in Iowa, make time to visit our great vintage and home decor shops! @sistersgardenbloom is one of my favorites! I've been going there for years and they are consistently on-trend with their beautiful inventory...and always helpful! I scored this little jewel of a faucet knob last weekend. You never know what inspiration will seek you out when you're there!

Voila! $6 total cost...not bad, I'd say. I thrifted the board, bought the 2 decorative pieces to hold the iPad, and used items I already had on hand to finish it up!

Threw it back old-school today to when I had my first blog and would use this space as my "mantle." I do love decorating for special occasions and holidays, but it can be stressful thinking of doing that to your whole house! A space like this is just the perfect answer.

I blogged. Waiting in the Burger King parking lot for my breakfast Whopper Jr. The sandwich was pretty good...let me know if you think the same of the blog post. {link in profile}

...it's me.

Love my little inspiration @jennysweeney! Oh, and Chewie approves! ☺️

Tip: find a print you love, blow it up real big like. Cheap. Big impact. Huge.

The battery-operated candle I had here before made this seem like some sort of a weird shrine. Luckily, Target heeded my plight and provided this clearance marquee heart. 😍

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