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Getting you game day ready!
Introducing our University of Tulsa collection! Find the link in our bio!
#RusticCuff #TU

Thankful for a Sunday well spent.

Mickey and friends. #Safari #RusticCuff

We like to stack our October Cuff of the Month set with our Priscilla beaded bracelet from our Fall Collection...and a bit of candy corn, of course!

Not only amazing product, the heart behind the brand is legit. Love us some @rusticcuff
#Repost @rusticcuff
The Swon Brothers showing RC some love.
#Okies #RusticCuff

Cheers because the last few pieces from our Fall Collection launched this morning!
Check out our website to see what’s new!
#RusticCuff #6thDayofFall

Love all the arm candy I got this year for my birthday! #rusticcuff #alexandani #fossil #swarovski


Selling rustic cuff appearing bracelets for $15, perfect for any occasion, birthday, Christmas, even Mother's Day!!! DM me if you are interested!!! #rusticcuff

Love all the arm candy I got this year for my birthday! #rusticcuff #alexandani #fossil #swarovski

@jillreamerdonovan the founder of #rusticcuff wrote this. I found it so inspiring and on target with where I’m at in my life right now! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
What is it that makes you completely lose track of time?
What is it that stirs your soul so much that the sheer excitement of it keeps you awake at night?

That is what you could call “your fire.” When I went away to College, I thought I wanted to be a news reporter.
I quickly discovered that was not my gift.
That was not my fire.
After Law School, I thought becoming an Attorney and practicing law was the fire that would burn brightly for me.
For some, absolutely yes.
For me, no.
Fires are not always obvious.
Sometimes the flame is so dim…you can barely see it.
Oftentimes it rains so much that we forget what fire even looks like.
We get so caught up in the daily grind of life that we lose sight of that which excites us.
You cannot just sit down and THINK out your purpose.
What stumps us is that we think there is only ONE thing we are meant to do in life.
It inhibits us from doing anything else with any kind of joy or freedom.
Follow your heart.
Follow the gifts you were given.
Without getting so caught up in the “figuring out your purpose” part.
Whether your “fire” is a hobby or a career,
Remember that you were gifted with talents that are uniquely yours.
Gifts that stir your soul that you should not ignore.
For this is where your purpose is discovered.
And when your purpose is discovered,
Whether you are 8 or 88,
You will know it.
You will feel it.
And until it is discovered,
Keep walking the path towards those things that ignite you.
Go back and look for the spark.
It’s still there.
It just may need to be kindled.
For those who say, “I have no gifts. I have no talents.” I would beg to differ.
I have yet to meet someone without a God given gift or talent.

Your purpose is to live a life combining those gifts with your passions.
Let get of the trying to figure it all out.
When you do what you love,
When you use your gifts and talents,
Your purpose does NOT stay hidden.
It has no choice but to burn brightly.
~Jill Donovan
#WhatIsYourFire #norwex #mompreneur

I FINALLY got to wear my new peacock scarf. It’s a beautiful, lightweight addition to my ensemble, and it goes well with my Rustic Cuff bracelet!

Happy weekend!!!!
#peacock #scarfs #dressedup #eveningout #katespadenewyork #katespadeny #katespade #fallclothes #rusticcuff

My bestie is the best bestie there is☺️ she got us matching rustic cuff OK necklaces #soblessed #loveher #loveit #oklahoma #rusticcuff 💜

Rustic Cuff adjustable bracelets: red- $14.50, blue- $16.50

#rusticcuff #shoplocaledmond #thunderup #boomer #daisystyle

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