There have been requests for the link to the #TEDxYouth talk I wrote about in last week's @linkedin article on Fear and Irony.

Confession: I wrote the article back in May and abandoned it because I was afraid it would inspire people to watch the video. And, quite frankly, that made me even more scared.

However, because of @garyvee and the Hip Hop artist @russ I am going to "run, directly, head first at Fear," and post the link in my bio.

I saw my first Gary Vaynerchuk video back in 2016, just before our second New York Toy Fair. Our start-up struggle was intense, and his mantra, "one is greater than zero" was a revelation; exactly the message I needed to hear at that particular moment. The IAmElemental Team adopted it as our own, and it has sustained us through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship ever since.

A few weeks ago, looking for a new podcast to binge (it has become quite a habit), I discovered The Gary Vee Audio Experience.
I listened to a really great interview he did with Russ. And, even though the musician was advising a call-in listener to "attack Fear," it felt as if he was speaking directly to me.

Inspired, I revisited the article and posted it on LinkedIn.
The fight for authenticity and sense of self in the modern world is something that seems to be coming up more and more in my everyday conversations. And THAT is really what the article is about.

So, here's to Fear! I think....

🔱There’s more gold in my mind than you can mine on the earth,
imagination flying free,
my potential’s my worth.

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Finally had time for edits 😩🙏

You should've kept the love that I gave you.. You passed on a top notch ride for a motha' fukkin' Prelude.. 🤔🤷‍♂️😴 -
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So first love yourself 🌈

September 16

Now I respect @russ on another level 😩🙏💖

Living on a tight rope

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