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Your art is not about how many people like your work. Your art is about if your heart likes your work, if your soul likes your work. It's about how honest you are with yourself, and you must never trade honesty for relatability. $20.00 print, $30.00 for frame included &free shipping #rupinderkaur #art #interiordesign

🌻WCW goes to the radiant Rupi Kaur. Her verbiage and illustrations will leave you feeling resilient, rejuvenated and replenished. Thank you Rupi for flourishing our souls! 🌻 #wcw #rupinderkaur

Happy Birthday Sister #Rupinderkaur#...Enjoy...it's your day n party hard..God Bless You...

i tried to write about how i've been discriminated - in this world for being a woman of colour;  but i could not... i've been faced with discrimination  from the start - within my own community  within my own culture  for being a brown woman  who is not fair like the colonists - that left my land back home  they left an illusion within my community  that fair skin - white skin is superior  the irony is today i live in the land of colonists  but i embrace the colour of my skin the colour of my brown skin - as it reminds me of the beautiful soil of my land for giving me my identity of being a brown woman. - so no I won't use fair and lovely
no I won't get my skin bleached
God made me as a woman to be hued in gold.
honestly I don't understand this obsession with fair skin. I come to think it's a consequence of colonists leaving an impression that fair skin is superior 🙄🙄🙄 #poetry #rupinderkaur

To the last woman in my list. And the most important. To the woman who made me love my culture again. Who made me proud of it. She has been such a great inspiration for me. The way she writes make you feel the pain. And she's helped me realize the importance of accepting things the way they are. Shes one of those few writers I have fallen in love with for the words she's written are true and beautiful. You make everyone around you so happy. Thankyou so much. @rupinderkw_ #rupinderkaur

⚠️ NEW BLOG ⚠️ This week marks 70 years since the partition of India. How much do British Asians know today about the history? Some more than others of course, and some not much at all... but we all have to start from somewhere, so we thought it's important to help open up the dialogue on the topic this week. We managed to catch up with British Indian poet Rupinder Kaur on her thoughts, she also runs @roohpanjabi_ delivering information on the Panjabi culture, and passionate about her history (which we admire).💜 Check out the blog in the link in our bio 🇮🇳🇵🇰

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said the moon
and the new day came
the show must go on said the sun
life does not stop for anybody
it drags you by the legs
whether you want to move forward or not
that is the gift
life will force you to forget how long for them
your skin will shed till there is not
a single part of you left they’ve touched
Your eyes finally just your eyes
not the eyes which held them
you will make it to the end
of what is only the beginning
go on
open the door to the rest of it
- Rupi Kaur (time)

Your 🇯🇲🇦🇺 Community Ambassador encouraging you to Sign up for the latest sports and community news in the lead up to the Games. 👉 http://gc2018.com/fanclubs
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Sometimes you really wish to #achieve our #goals but we foresee a lot of #challenges.
If you scrutinize the challenges carefully, most of them will be
illusionary. If these are not universal facts, these are likely to be
your personal beliefs, originating from past experiences or the
environment around you. #Choice is yours, carry on with same beliefs those STOP you to achieve your goals OR break-free and move ahead!
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