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Our paths are different,
So why do we feel the need to constantly compare ourselves?
Is it just that we are inherently competitive,
Do we lack self confidence,
Or is it because deep down we’ve been conditioned to believe that our success can only be illuminated in light of other people’s lack thereof?
I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ . These are just my thoughts.
#whosetsthepaceanyway #runatyourownpace

Proof that consistent training pays off. Took 20mins off last years time today at The Anglian Water Duathlon (World Champ qualifier). Thanks coach for helping me get there, and thanks for the prep talk beforehand. #consistency #runyourownrace #nicetrievents

Be Unstoppable,Believe in yourself 💯🏋️#believeinyourself #fitness #personaltrainer #doyourbest #runyourownrace

I made this print last night to hang in my studio because I really needed to keep this message in the front of my mind.
I love Instagram and the amazing community of makers, bookbinders and independent artists I follow on here. But every now and then, I see a post and something in it triggers self-doubt about my work, my talent or my business. Last night I saw such a post and started down that self-doubt spiral only to say, "Stop. Run your own race." And I knew immediately that I needed to make something tangible to remind me of this.

We all have different things to offer and there is room enough for everyone. Do what you love and don't compare yourself with someone else's success.

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Today I ran at a very comfortable sexy pace with @shahiedathungo kuchuuuu kuchuuuu🚂🚂 and really had alot of fun✌🏽

With @bathhalf just two weeks away, it's got us thinking about how we each prepare for a big event.

How do you spend the build-up to a race or sporting event? Are you out braving the weather and training outside, do you hit the gym and train on the equipment or are you starting to wind down your training sessions?

For the winddown make sure to book in with us for a sports massage which will help aid your recovery.

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Round 2! #gameon 💪🏼 & Cheers to us “over” 40 women who are representing next weekend 👙👠 Im so proud to be a part of this journey with a TEAM of women who all have given 200% to this prep and fitness journey! Bikini 👙 athletes work their asses off EVERY DAY. If I’d never said yes I would have NO idea how hard these women work. Thank you ladies for pushing me to be my best self #lovemygirlsomuch #trainhard #teaminspire #mombodsrock #GOALSOBIG #courage #confidence #drivendaily #love2lift #fitchicks #npcmasterbikinicompetitors @teaminspire_bysarah #runyourownrace @maxmusclesantacruz @maxmusclemorganhill

I’m doing what I said I would 🤭
Total freaking SURREAL realization today. I cannot even imagine quitting when I got shamed on social media. Or when people I invested my energy into didn’t stick around. Or when it felt like I wasn’t good enough and didn’t know how to keep going. Doesn’t sound so fun huh? 😏 OH BUT IT WAS. Because working now means WORK ON YOURSELF and SERVE others as much as you can. My point is - I’m looking to work with other girls who have a bigger dream and are WILLING to go through all the tough for all the incredible STUFF you’ll be able to DO (notice I didn’t say have) 💕 like for me it was be in the sun on a Saturday (or any day) with my loves nearby 🏠 & not feel crappy when I throw on a bikini #addedbonus ☀️
Life’s FAR better when your job requires you to grow grow grow. Because you end up not just liking what you do for a living, but who you ARE. And I think the world needs more of that. 👊🏼

*One of the greatest secrets of success is simply that 'if you don't quit, you will make it'.* *The time it takes to reach the goal will vary, but if you keep going it will happen...* *Whatever the goal you have set for yourself, one thing is certain: no one will ever reach it if they quit along the way...* *Make the decision that you are not going to quit, no matter what...* *Don't dwell on the time it takes, don't judge your performance on others around you, run your own race and....if you don't quit you will make it!* *Attaining Financial Freedom is possible...* *#DontStopPushing*

Fitness staat voor persoonlijke progressie. Ieder zijn/haar doel is anders, en zo ook je startpunt. Als coach raad ik altijd aan om foto’s te maken, een weegschaal kan je soms niets vertellen of zelfs demotiveren terwijl je wel progressie hebt gemaakt.. Houd daarom je progressie bij op meerdere manieren; Maak elke week foto’s, plan 1 vast weeg moment per week & meet je omvang met een meetlint. #metenisweten #werkenaanjedoel #enhebgeduld 👊🏼
Geen progressie? Dan is het misschien tijd voor een nieuwe aanpak. Wees dus niet gedemotiveerd, zie het als een leermoment & werk van daaruit weer vooruit. 💪🏼 #moveforward ————————
We willen natuurlijk elke week progressie zien #snapik 🙋🏼‍♀️ en als dit niet gebeurd grijpen we weer naar de verleidingen en doen we dus eigenlijk weer 2 stapjes terug.. #patroondingen Maar weet dat Juist dit soort momentjes momenten zijn van doorbraak. #yougotthis #noexcuses #runyourownrace

18 km kveldsløp med mitt sprekeste og fineste følge 🐶

love a trail run 😒, back to it after a week of viruses and flu hitting the household, nice to get out and about again.

@reebokcft #teamtyneside
@reebokuk #bemorehuman
@goprouk #hero5black

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