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Morning run with Reggie. #trikings #runtraining

Up for a shorter distance? Get running in #Prague, 10k at their their Birell Prague Grand Prix at the 9th of september! #birellgrandprix

#trainingtiptuesday proper race day fueling is an important part of preparing for your optimal marathon performance. Along with a well planned carbohydrate load it can be the difference between hitting the wall at 32km or running strong to the finish. My plan for the Gold Coast marathon is to have 250ml of sis energy + electrolytes at the 5,15,25,40 km marks and a sis gel at 10,20,30,35 km marks. With this strategy I should be able to get to the finish line without running out of carbohydrate fuel. #fuelledbyscience

Sunday morning run along the creek this AM felt amazing. After starting the first week of work, and being on a grind chasing productivity every minute, the weekend was much appreciated.
Looking forward to piecing together a summer race schedule around work and enjoying the weekends in between! I really appreciate the feedback from everyone who reached out with advice on balancing work/life/training. And congrats to everyone who raced Chatty 70.3 👊🏻


Je na čase pustit jedny do důchodu a druhé na start :-D
Time to change... #runinginthehills #run #salomon #speedcross #lovethem#běhámepokopcích #běh #novýbotičky #runtraining #trening

Looks like my today running training will be like medicine for my legs 😊👌 #training #trainingday #triathlon #triathlongirls #triathlongoals #running #runtraining #easyrun

Started our first full day in #NOLA with an extra swampy, super sweaty four mile run along the river. Although I was raining sweat, it felt good to shake out the legs after a weekend of races followed by a full day in the car yesterday. 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻

Because sometimes a little rest and relaxation is important too.

My pup is the best at keeping me company when I need it.

Up for a shorter distance? Get running in #Prague, 10k at their their Birell Prague Grand Prix at the 9th of september! #birellgrandprix

Happy haddie! ⌚🏃 #runtraining, #stirlingmarathon 👏Thanks to Duracell pacer David 💪

Excited, undulating first half ❤ #stirlingmarathon #runstats #runtraining #ageisjustanumber

About to try out my new running shoes since my other ones were destroyed by work 😎💕
Here's to running in the dark at 4:30 in the morning bc it's the only free time you have available

Runtime = funtime
Another 20mins in the recovery bank...tonight's run was in the dark, thankful for my WingsForLife headlight to light the way 😊

Yes! I have no bananas! I have no bananas today!! Except now I do, thanks to Ralph! Put a big smile on my dial after a ridiculously tough session thanks to @lassmanm #bananas #runtraining #parkrun #nambourparkrun #hills #sprints #crankypantson #trails #nambour #radarhill #sunshinecoast

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