The marathon a difficult distance to master. Everything—from a pull in your calf to unexpected cramps in unexpected places to numbness in your feet to the body giving up to running the last leg on your mental strength to bearing the hot sun to missing that water station at the critical stage —is heightened when you cover a distance of 26.2 miles on foot, but that's part of the lure of the marathon, and that's what moves me. If it were easy, the accomplishment wouldn't be as coveted. New York City Marathon 2017, here I come! 🗽🏃🏻‍♀️✨🎉#tcsnycmarathon
#nycmarathon2017 #MovedMe

Repost @winnloseordraw .....so good to be back running with my squad @chantie_dub @winnloseordraw ......5 miles at 5am 👣👟☀
#5milerun #runningwithmysquad #parkland #runninginthedark #injuriessuck

favorite part about my first half is that I ran with my AZ favorites #runaz #runningwithmysquad

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