OBITUARY FOR THE ARBITRARY 🤣 - I’m sure much to the delight of @katie_ekins_runs and @citygirlcat today I have ditched the arbitrary photos and gone with a singular selfie 🤳🏻 Shock Horror 😱

Not sure if I like it yet, but takes much less time to post 🤣

As for the run, took it nice and easy and plodded around listening to music.
Love the fact that 7 miles feels comfortable at any pace, that’s always a decent feeling.
Got bored after 6 miles so injected a bit of pace to finish off.
Last minute sign up to the @runthroughuk Victoria Park Chase the Sun tomorrow night and not sure what I’m gonna do there, whether I’m gonna push it or not? Either way I’m gonna run the first 5km with @bezjay and go from there.
Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow 😊

No plans tonight so probably just gonna make something to eat and watch a film unless anything miraculously comes up in the next hour 🤣

Have a great night whatever you are doing
Much Love ❤️

I just love playing on the trails 💚 I do love an action shot too 😉
Today's run, 6 miles of fun 🏃
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Sliding into hill training like...wheeee! 😅 Nice work, everyone!

Running in the forest packs double the fun into your run and makes for a great way to spend these warm summer evenings. 🤩👌 We highly recommend!

#tirecarrytuesday ?
Huge shoutout and thanks to @spartan and their staff for throwing together an impromptu Hurricane Heat for those of us that stuck it out during the storm.
This was quite possibly one of the most fun events I have had the pleasure of being a part of.
I'll recap the hurricane heat another day but I just wanted to say that Spartan handled the weather in the best way they could. Yes we signed waivers, but lightning is a danger that isnt covered and sporting events are NOT allowed to take place during these types of storms. Its okay to be upset, but when you sign up for these races and drive/fly to any event, you agree to possibly being denied access due to unpredictable events. You shouldnt expect Spartan to cover travel costs in any respect. The best they can offer is to cover the cost of the race and even that, they dont need to do.
Please be respectful and appreciative of the people that are there trying to help get things going; staff and volunteers!

#TRANSFORMATIONTUESDAY - This weeks Transformation Tuesday is from the @virginsport British 10km and the post race photos from 2017 and 2018 😊

I worked hard for this race in 2017 and was happy with a 53:02 and had lost a load of weight already at this point and thought I was looking pretty good.
Fast forward a year to now and I ran a 50:39 pacing my mate @lilliesfitness to her PB in 30 degree heat and found it really comfortable with a HR of 150ish throughout 😊

I had such a laugh running it and stuck to my promise of taking every hairpin turn with a 180 pirouette 🤣 People must have thought I was #crackers 🤣

Had a great time running it and really happy with where my fitness is currently.
My PB is now down at 48:01 and I’m on a mission to cut this down at my next race - @runthroughuk Hyde Park Chase the Sun on 15/08/18
What’s different over this year? I was training hard before but due to injury was never able to fully commit to speed work really.
This year I’ve really learnt how to maintain an uncomfortable pace and learning about threshold running all the time.
I’ve smashed 1 mile, 5km and 10km PB’s this year but need to get the long slow miles in to translate these performances into the longer distances.
Week 8 of @berlinmarathon Training now and I’m trusting the process of a 16 week plan and Mission #Sub4 is on!
I guess the thing is, don’t give up, don’t be afraid to push yourself or put yourself out there and try new things.
Progress isn’t always linear and there are always hurdles to overcome, but believe in yourself and trust the process.
I’ve got a long long way to go but I’m doing the right things (mostly) and I’m fucking loving it 😊

Have a great day
Much Love ❤️

Family bike ride! #familyfitness

#MOTIVATIONMONDAY - I’ve seen some amazing stories from the weekend with people smashing @racetothestones and @virginsport British 10km and all sorts of other races and it’s been incredibly motivating.
I found this quote a year ago and it’s just as apt now as it was then.
There is no substitute for hard work, you want something, go for it, no excuses.
You hear the cliche pain is temporary, pride is forever a lot these days and it’s so true.
How many people at the weekend were struggling but were able to dig deep and pull it out of the Bag?
Start to believe in yourself and there is no stopping you.
I have no experience of Ultra’s and even though I’ve done 11 Marathons I’m still no expert on those 🤣 But I’m currently following a plan and I’m really feeling the benefit of the Tempo, Interval and Hill sessions.
Teaching you to understand your pain threshold and showing you that you can push on further than you believed.
Seeing the guys at the weekend I think just goes to show what you can do when you set your mind to it.
Do the training, work your arse off and believe you can. There will be difficult times in any race but that’s what training is for - to teach you to deal with it.
Massive well done to everyone at the weekend - was glued to my phone following you all and maybe, just maybe I may do one of these next year...... Before you say it @jayz_runs_and_cooks I know I’m doing Brecon Beacons with you, @anxious_to_ultra and @dai_twice and I know I’ve gotta Run some hills and trails don’t panic 😘

You know I will 👊🏻 So to all the Ultra Runners, Marathoners, and any other Racers this last weekend - Big Love ❤️ You really motivated me and was so great to see you smashing your goals 👊🏻 I’ve tagged some of you but can’t tag you all so apologies for anyone I’ve missed 😘

Finally - massive respect to the 3 Angels who went to the finish line of @racetothestones and cheered everyone home! Amazing! @lillybet.runs.alot @redfaced_runner and @luckierunningscientist ❤️ Much Love ❤️

Our weekly run schedule:
Monday @greatfloodbeer
Wednesday @atgbrewery
Thursday @tinrooflouisville
All at 6:30pm. All paces and abilities welcome. Run a mile or 5, you decide the distance. See you there!

Lovely lunchtime run down the bay. Swansea is so underated but such a beautiful picturesque place (well in certain areas at least 😂). #swansea #swanseabay #runningman #runningfam #run #runnersofinstagram #runswansea #thisdadruns

#medalmonday with @matthewknerr and @minibeast_ocr
Didnt take many of my own pictures this weekend, but still had an amazing time.
I made so many friends on and off the course and that is why I love this mountain. Its been the home of the start of some of best friendships (ahem @storm_the_spartan if you recall that one 🤣)
Cant wait to see all the pictures posted and a huge thanks to @spartan and their staff for still managing to put on a great race on Sunday after mother nature decided to screw us

Your words are like magnets & the energy you put behind them with frequency and intention makes them STRONG.
Let’s make sure your magnets are attracting the good stuff into your energetic field.
You have to stop reinforcing the BS, create your positive “current”, and ditch the limiting beliefs and toxic labels that attract JUNK and repel your dreams.
Start now. Activate your “I AM WORTHY” electric current and charge it up with some “I CAN” and “YES” vibes. Attract the good stuff like it has no other choice but to come your way because you already believe it’s yours. ❤️

#medalmonday 8th Ultra Marathon in 7months and still on for the #12in12 .
Not really much more to say about this one as I think @marathondad absolutely nailed it in his roundups 😂 .
I can’t rate XNRG events enough with the best aid station attendance. The volunteers grabbing and filling bottles and couldn’t help enough. The race director and the team have a mad passion (don’t we all) for running, trails, challenges and the charity @humanitydirect which is absolutely awesome.
Keeping the eye on the August one as 86miles (140km) is the next step up!
Holiday week coming up so rest hard now and rebuild when I’m back #letsgo .
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Over the weekend, @pmgennaro won the annual @sailfest2018 5K with a speedy 15:44! Paul currently holds all of the New London race titles with yearlong dominance at the Sailfest 5K, James Greenleaf 5K, and the EBAC Fall Challenge! #running #local #sail #summer #newlondon #moheganstriders #win #race #fast #runners #runningfam #runningcommunity #train #marathon #fitness #fireworks #weekend #latergram #home #elite

DON’T STOP MOVING BABY - You know the words 🤣

Cheeky little 3 miles easy today to start the week off right 👊🏻 Great soundtrack of chilled tunes for the run today 😊

Felt really easy pace and after the last 2 days of tough runs that’s pretty cool 😎
Sweated out all the fruity cider from yesterday in that run and it was pretty warm already but can’t complain when the sun is shining ☀️ Beautiful Morning 😊

Love these @purdeysofficial drinks a little too much (my recycling bags are full of these bottles 🙈) but defo deserved one this morning.
Now a busy day at work and then seeing my Little Mia tonight ❤️ Can’t wait 😍

Have a great day people, get your workouts done, smile and be happy 😊

Motto for the week - GET SHIT DONE! No excuses, no bullshit, just get it fucking done 👊🏻 Much Love ❤️

#MEDALMONDAY - What a great day yesterday from beginning to end 😊

And included picking up this beauty of a medal 🥇
Feel pretty pleased with my progress lately and yesterday was testament to that - being able to comfortably hold a 50:39 pace with Average HR about 150 in 30 degree heat just shows how far I’ve come recently.
Absolute delight to pace @lilliesfitness yesterday and so happy for her to be able to help her smash her PB by 33 seconds! That is a a massive chunk of time! Awesome work Lillie! ❤️ Great event as always from the @virginsport team 😊 Love this race!
So that’s Medal Monday right there, no races for a while but trying to get myself in shape to smash my own 10km PB at the @runthroughuk Hyde Park 10km on 15th August - I think it’s pretty soon for #breaking45 but if I can get below my 48:01 PB I will be more than happy 😊

Have a great Monday people 😊

Much Medal Monday Love ❤️

Nachtrag zu Sonntag:
Guten Morgen☀️
War das ein fauler Sonntag:
Bis 13Uhr geschlafen(was seit meiner Berufstätigkeit selten vorkommt), lecker Pancakes mit blueberry sauce gefuttert und Netflix geguckt. Um 17:00Uhr gab es das WM Finale 🇫🇷 vs. 🇭🇷 (Glückwunsch an die Franzosen) und anschließend eine 10km Runde. Statt der vorgegebenen 52:30 habe ich 1:01:32 gebraucht. Eigentlich wollte ich nicht laufen gehen und bin deswegen zufrieden mit meiner Zeit. Jetzt geht es zur Arbeit. Habt einen schönen Tag!🌡☀️
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SUNDAY PLANNING - Well that was one hell of a week! 44 miles in total and pretty happy with how it went.
My long run didn’t go well but I made some schoolboy errors which I’m gonna fix for next Friday’s Long Run and I can’t wait to smash that one!
44 miles in total, 6 runs, helping @lilliesfitness to a 10k PB the day after running 16 miles and all with a smile on my face so cannot complain.
Finished off an awesome week with a really great day with the squad 😍

Now onto Week 8 of @berlinmarathon training and the hard graft is really starting now - mileage is high and on a Mia weekend it’s tough to squeeze these runs in but getting a plan in place helps.
Additional focus this week on recovery (using my @forgoodnessshakes after the runs), foam rolling and stretching, and also big focus on HYDRATION!

I really want that Sub 4 in Berlin and it’s gonna take hard work and dedication to get me there, but I’m ready to do whatever it takes to get it done.
Looking forward to Week 8 and smashing it out of the Park!
Loving it right now and as you can probably tell I’m buzzing for this - progress is exciting and so are PB’s but the big goal for me has always been Sub 4 and I am going for it!
Week 8 - Bring it 👊🏻 Happy Sunday People

Much Love ❤️

Another year, another @ragnarrelay with the NBBJ Sharkitects! Twelve crazy coworkers in two sweaty vans, running 200 miles over 27 hours. Can’t wait for the next one! #sharkitects @nbbjdesign #ragnarnwp #runningfam

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