I own a rainbow of running tops, so why do I always end up wearing black?!?
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Ah ah ah j'adore !!! Dommage que l'immense majorité des tee shirts à message sportif soient en anglais !! #teeshirtsérigraphié #running #gost77 #teamgost77 #runningmotivation #runningclothes

We're here to make the world brighter and more colorful! Our ambassadors and alumni are amazing! From 5ks to 50 milers, they are unstoppable! Swipe to check them out!
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I love the seamless sports bra! So soft and comfortable. This one is light support although I have many full figured women that love the comfort so much they wear it for an everyday bra.

I love girl time! We played hooky from work and went to a big craft fair. Honestly I have never been to a craft fair. It was very fun, so many talented people with their makings. We found these amazing wooden spoons to cook with, but it wasn’t easy. I had to pretend I was cooking and stirring, and then decide what spoon “felt” the best in my hand. Really interesting because I found the perfect fit with my spoon. The spoon maker must have gotten a kick out of us, he seemed to feel comfortable enough to be a photo bomber.
I love people and so many interesting ones to talk to and meet. These 3 hilarious ladies had head bands on with cat ears. So of coarse we had to ask why? One explained this is so they can find each other easier, so cute!
We still haven’t decided on what exactly Dena purchased but she has a little dog and it reminded her or him. This item was made with a hammer, horse shoes and file, possibly she can use it to clean her boots off with? Still a mystery, any ideas what it could be used for?
We did have some good jokes pertaining to this mystery item.
Even if you have to miss a day of work Take the time for those special friends, it so good for the soul!
Have a wonderful week!

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Proof that it's still worth getting out there in the cold

London, you are pretty nice looking when you want to be

Zyia’s leggings are squat proof>>> meaning not see through in the arse
Zyia’s leggings dry fast>>> yes from sweat and leaky bladder
Zyia’s bras are chafe proof>>>on long runs they don’t rub you raw and give you Bra burns!
Zyia’s tops are soft and comfortable>>> isn’t that enough reasons to order you some Zyia?
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Then.... you’ll wish you’d bought yourself some too! 🤣
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ℬᎽ 👉 @marciacoronado4 🏃‍♀️
Hey 🖐
Hoy entrené 7km de running + ejercicios de fuerza. .
El día estaba soleado así que aproveché para hacer snorkel y explorar un poco la reserva natural. Un lugar muy recomendable💙🏖. .
Como siempre llevo mis medias de @rockay_running ❤. .
Ustedes como están? Espero que tengan un excelente domingo! .
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Looking at running clothes from @saucony. #runningclothes #futuretriathlete

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