Throwback to a couple of weeks ago when I sprint finished (not out of choice!) the Scott Snowdonia Trail Marathon 😅! This race has got to be right up there with my all time faves - the route is beautiful, it starts with a climb and ends with a climb with some undulating business inbetween 🤓. And for once, I paced myself well, instead of going off like a rocket 🚀, I took it niiice and easy..although I still managed to hit the deck like a sack of shit LITERALLY two minutes in to the race 😂..however some nice guy peeled me off the pavement and on my merry way I went 🤓. I felt pretty good all the way around, even going up Snowdon towards the end but as soon as I started the descent..UGH. My knees were screaming at me and they had seized up quite nicely by this point after the fall some five hours earlier. I continued with some hobble type run thing down the mountain and continued to haul my carcass until the finish line was in sight, where I thought I could relax. Apparently not! A runner crept up behind me and we both broke into a crazy sprint - I only just made it by the skin of my teeth! For a few minutes after, I was a crumpled broken mess on the floor - but ecstatic I had finished 😌, I then took myself to the first aid tent (this is becoming a bad habit of mine 🤦🏼‍♀️!) where they patched me up (thank you!) and ended the day with a dip in the lake 😁! I couldn’t recommend this race enough to those of you out there who like hills and pretty scenery...it’s one for the bucket list! Big thank you to all the organisers and marshals also, you guys did such a good job that I’ve already entered next years race🙈!
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More miles along the Ute 100 mile course today. Getting that altitude in with a smile on my face. This is mile 63 of the Ute 100. How awesome is this!?! Caption this photo and tag your friend who you want pacing you for Utah’s highest and most scenic race next summer! #ute100 #trailrunning #trailandultra #moab #run100miles #run100 #badwater135 #hardrock100 #wasatch100 #bryce100 #runbum #runningbum #utah #wmwranglers #wasatchrunning #runutah #runutahrun #doepicshit #ultrarunning #ultramarathon #wser

A fun 10 mile hike run along the Ute 100 mile course. Got a couple 12,000 ft + peaks in the back drop! I love these trails and this race! Packet pick up is 3 weeks from today!! 9500 ft strong. I need to come back next week with my hedger and clear the trails a bit here. Love trail maintenance. #ute100 #utahisrad #utahrunning #run100miles #trailrun #trailrunning #wasatch100 #bryce100 #hardrock100 #ac100 #ultramarathon #wmwranglers #oneforswayze #yetiarmy #runbum #runningbum

Yesterday I finished the @eigerultratrail 101k here in switzerland. It meant that in just 3 weeks I finished the @marathondumontblanc 90k, @trailvsb 111k x alpine and the Eiger Ultra trail 101k. I was basically top 20% at all 3. The best experience was finished the Mont Blanc race intow the crowed streets of chamonix to all the applause. My favorite race for scenery and experience is always the Trail Verbier St. Bernard. The nostalgic race for me was yesterday’s Eiger as I came here when I was just 19 yrs old! At the finish yesterday it meant 100,000 for of gain on my legs in the month.
Yesterday’s race was bitter sweet as we got stopped for 2.5 hours with just 12 miles to go in the middle of a lightening and hail storm. I ended up running a shorter route which was a shit show. I decided to walk it in at that point after being on my own course PR pace. :( I crossed the finished like pretty disappointed with the experience. But still had a ton of fun until that point. Kinda crazy when you see people you’ve met at this and other races here in the alps. Done with the craziness now and time to slowly head back to America and then to Utah for the Ute 100 in a month! #eigerultratrail #trailvsb #montblancmarathon #trailrunning #trailandultra #ultramarathon #runbum #runningbum #doyoutravel #travellife #doepicshit #100k

That one time I raced Britney Spears and lost
#itsbritneybitch #itsbritneythebitch #runningbum did you guys see me face on the second picture? Lol

It’s become a tradition to run the 4th of July 5K at the beach. Happy 4th y’all #runningbum

Day 2 of the Run Bum swiss running camp. Here’s me on a nice 4,500 ft climb then decent. Behind me is my brother Chris in the middle of facing his fear and crushing the climb. Loveeeeee this, this group and this place! Next week or so I will fly my glider off this! #sendit #doepicshit #doyouevenrunbro #trailrunning #trailandultra #mountainrunning #running #run #epicrun #yetiarmy #runbum #runningbum #schweiz #oeshinensee #berneseoberland #interlaken #kandersteg

Been chasing this running bum (formerly a ski bum in the winter) around the trails, following his bushy tail, passing his curious nose, getting passed by his enthusiasm, and helping him over big trees felled by wind, snow, and time. His preferred passing lane is on the right and when it gets dark, he holds a trot right in front of me so I can "see" the mountain by how he reacts with the terrain without turning on my headlamp. Cheers to you Winno, the best running buddy anyone could ask for //🐕😍

“Type cheesy running quote here”

Little run with the Cobbs. Beautiful day by the way. #runningbum

Baby I'll run to you if i have to; all sweaty and shit. #tbt #throwbackthursday #throwback #runningbum

Her: Come over.
Me: It’s 6 miles away plus I don’t have my whip.
Her: My parents aren’t home.
Me: 🏃🏽

Post run #runningbum

Running is life, 40 minute run 🏃 #runningbum

First time racing the mile since 08. All comers meet at Marina high school. Saw my old coach. Had some flash backs. In all I had a fun/good morning.. #imStillTheChamp #runningbum

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