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Check out my medal, Megan took me on a 10K run. That’s a long way with these little legs. #travelling_ted #runningbear #london #10k

Just a bulldog in action...trying to look like a Frenchie 🤣

Everyday is a good day when your wearing new activewear! 🤚😁❤ #activewear #addicted #runningbear #fabletics #lornajane #abitofeverything #gonnabeagooddaywithnewthreads

He’s pretty pumped about sticks and rocks these days. I’m pretty pumped about HIM every day. #RunningBear

J.P Richardson, known as The Big Popper. A fine man and hard working example for such a clever mind with songwriting and lifestyle. Born in 1930, soon this man's road to fame would arise as the fall of the 1950's would come around.

A radio man till 1958, and holding the world record at that time off playing none stop for numerous day's. J.P would make his mark with records such as The Big Popper's Wedding, The Witch Doctor meets The Purple People Eater, and the classic Chantilly Lace in 1959. As performances came and radio would display his records his way. J.P would go on to be a man he didn't think he would be.

This man's legacy on the other hand would go on to help him score numerous royalties and chart entries during and after his passing of his life and how the records can show for that. February 03rd, would be the day he said goodbye to those he knew, and to the many touched lives he helped with his music, would repay him with acknowledgement and respect.

A fine man which shows from the picture and from the writing style that many didn't know he had. White Lightening and Running Bear were great records for Jones and Preston. There respect to that man were showed with there voice and there well being towards him. What a character, what a man and what a style he sure knew how to have in his time.

#jprichardson #jp #thebigpopper #1930 #1950s #1958 #1959 #February #radio #chantillylace #whitelightning #runningbear #georgejones #johnnypreston #rockandroll #radioman #cantbeathim

I don't just tattoo, I also do logo design! I did this for @running_with_coffee 's small batch roasting company, it turned out so adorable! Do you have a small business you would like me to design a logo for? PM me with inquiries! .
#logodesign #coffeelogo #coffeelovers #iheartcoffee #runningbear #coffeeart #runningbearroasters @emilyherzing

Happy bday to my own sharpie tattoo artist. Shes the koolest #runningbear

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