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Smiling at 5:25 AM to go do a speed workout! 8.25 miles - done. 💥 BOOM💥 #marathon #marathonrunning #marathontraining #runnergirl #runnergirls #veganrunner #veganrunning #mbmarathon #runmbm

Good Onsdag!❄💙
Et misslykka forsøk på å kappløpe med Turbo 🐶😆 Løping er det jeg Alltid har Trives best med! Desverre klarte jeg å ødelegge meg litt der, Da turene ble for lange på Hardt underlag over lengre tid🤜(Løperkne)

Siste måndene har jeg jobbet mye med muskelkontakt, Strikkøvelser å tøying.
Og resultatene har blitt overaskende bra!
smertene forsvinner gradvis bort. Så nå er det kortere Løpeturer,Gjerne med litt Høyere Tempo🏃‍♀️ Kan ikke legge løpinga heelt bort🙂

Har også fokusert mere på Styrketrening
Og må ærlig innrømme at jeg liker det bedre å bedre!👌😁Så av og til kommer det med noen dårlige treningsselfier her😂😁Litt reklamering for tøy, kost osv. Prøver å ikke overdrive Helt😅🙊Satser på at det går bra!👍Er jo kjekt med litt Rabatter også😄

Ellers er jeg veldig takknemelig for alle de nye følgerene som har slengt seg med her. Og vil si Tuusen takk for mange fine meldinger og komentarer! setter pris på dere alle 💙
Skulle egentlig Prøve å gjøre dette litt kort,men plutselig tar tastene litt avgårde😅
__________________________________________ #runnergirls #treningsglede #kamillepuls
#styrketrening #treningsforum #iform

Bom dia ☀️
Após um dia longo como o de ontem, consegui acordar 😂
Começamos o dia com estas papas sabor a bolacha Maria + 🍍+manteiga de amendoim 😋
#gangdaspapas #papasdeaveiainsta #instafit #instafoody #instabreakfast #breakfasttime #cafédamanhã #pequenoalmoço #healthyfood #healthybreakfast #comidaboademais #fitnessmotivation #fitness #serfitnesss #fitnessgirl #runnergirls #gettinghealthygirl #fitfam

#Tricolor la más hermosa combinación !!! #OrgulloVenezolano 💛💙💔 #DiseñoVenezolano #HechoaMano 🙌
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#wednesday 🏃🏼‍♀️💦

If there's a silver lining to the emptiness, here it is: the unfillable is what brings people together. I've never made a friend by bragging about my strengths, but I've made countless by sharing my weakness and my emptiness—Glennon Doyle
Besties night out with Glennon Doyle!!!! So thankful we crossed each other's paths on roommatesdotcom 5 years ago as we panned through similar struggles and pulled each other through some of life's toughest & craziest of times ♡ oh the handfuls of tears and countless belly wrenching, ab defining laughs we've shared... it seems impossible that it's only been 5 years. I look forward to the many years ahead of strengthening each other, continuous growth & kickass friendship ♡ LOVE you my friend @choosetrails #Sisters #Besties #Fearless #GirlBoss #Go #Hisplan #Travel #Inspire #CarryOnWarrior #RunnerGirls #FitLife #Love #Smile #Mindset #DoWhatMakesYourSoulShine

LONG POST: Sometimes running is hard.
Like REALLY hard, and a total mind game. I’ve had 4 truly sh*t runs in the last 6 months, when I’ve wanted to throw in the towel, questioned why I’m even putting myself through this, and worrying that if I can’t get through this training run how am I going to run 42.2km in one hit... I had one of those runs today.

It wasn’t even a long run, but 3-4kms in and I was haaaaating it. My mindset was all wrong and every second felt crappy. I pushed through for awhile but ended up cutting the run short, and I don’t regret doing that even though I felt a bit disappointed in myself.

The good news is that I’m even more motivated now to nail my runs for the rest of the week, including the insane 3hr one planned for Saturday.

I am now working to change my mindset and have a plan: be grateful that these bad runs happen so rarely, add more epic music to my running playlist, think of Oli (Oli’s Story at the link in my bio) & how lucky I am to even be physically able to do this, and find some mental techniques to help me through those super-hard runs when they often.

Any tips? What do you do to keep going (doesn’t have to be running) when your brain is telling you to give up?

Proud of my Rio runners who put in work today! #goraiders!#workhard #runnergirls

Decided to sleep past my speed workout this am, but lucked out that my beautiful friend was up for a treadmill date before my yoga class. 1 mile WU, 4 x 1.5 mile repeats, and 1.5 mile CD. It wasn’t pretty, but it’s ✅ Then off to teach yoga where I felt like I was drowning in my 😓 😂 #speedworksucks #runthenyoga #fitmoms #runnersmakethebestfriends #runnergirls

↠ One day you will look back and see that all along, you were being guided. && all along, you were B E C O M I N G ::: 🙏🏼 #trusttheprocess

Do you know @sole_girls is in #Australia and #Calgary too?
Girls around the world are running and creating strong, values based friendships and talking about #mentalhealth and of course why they are #soleAwesome
Are you empowering girls?

Hoy fue un buen día, un entrenamiento para ver como estaba mi cuerpo luego de semanas de no trotar y fue genial porque mejore mi tiempo en 9k, ahora a seguir entrenando para correr los 15k sin pausas y sin problemas físicos. Y a cuidarme también porque mi rodilla estuvo algo extraña hoy.
#instachile #instatemuco #temuco #instarunners #runners #runnergirls #trote #correr #deporte #entrenamiento #yopuedo #vamospormas #nohaylimites

✋ STOP and take a second to read this 💗
Yes I have been a health and fitness coach for 10 years and have loved helping people change their bodies into fat burning machines, loose weight and become more fit, but at the heart ❤️ of it all is helping others see YOUR WORTH IS SO MUCH MORE THAN WHAT YOU SEE IN THE MIRROR!! We are here to shine our own light in this world!!! ☀️

This day started out with joy and gratitude, and I am determined to end it with the same - with my man by my side, some leftover chili, and a mocktail in hand.✌🏻
But for real, the truth is despite our best preparation and our best efforts, life just doesn’t always go according to plan, and trust me - I am a girl who likes to have a plan and see it through. And yet, even with the best intentions and preparation with this new meal plan, I’m still adjusting to it and am finding myself struggling here and there to find my new equilibrium with it; and even though I felt so good this morning and went into work with a positive mindset and attitude, I found as the day got more chaotic and I got more tired, I let myself get sucked into negative thinking.
Here’s the deal - I’m not ever going to preach perfection - perfect DOESN’T exist and trying to strive for that non-existent standard only leads to shame, insecurity and doubt. (Umm, F THAT) Instead, I wanna just SHOW UP - I wanna try to be better every day, for myself and for others, and if I fail, I wanna try even harder to fail forward instead of backwards. I wanna be the girl that shows up and keeps showing up - for herself, first and foremost.
So to all of you out there who feel like today could have been better, I’m right there with ya sister (🤘🏻) but here’s to showing up again tomorrow ANYWAYS, and doing the best we can. We deserve it.💗

Mama can over tonight and we CRUSHED our workout for day 2! I was feeling unmotivated but together we were able to overcome that!! I’m so proud of her to be on this program with me so we can complain when our bodies are sore together haha 😂 She is truly my inspiration! 😍

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