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"We just some runaways please put that gun away. We unarmed me mean no harm please don't take my son away" #RunawaySlaves
I can promise you will leave out with way more than you expected. ^87'Til Infinity^ Release Date TBA
#ProTools #Working #Classics #Dreamville


Quick someone's coming where do you hide? #runawayslaves #nationalfreedomcenter


Instinctively visited the #easterncemetery in #portlandmaine today the resting place of some of portland's abolitionist who campaigned against slavery and provided #safehouses and assisted #runawayslaves on their journey to #freedom ! my respects. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #ziggyontour

Deuteronomy 28:48-68 We Cursed With The Ghetto's World Wide Blessed By The Most High & Dabar Immanuel Fuck The NBA Game's Cutt Me Out From You Zombies I'm Focused On Bigger Things Not Earthly Things No Heathen Games Is War Can't Trust You House Negroes World Wide Stay Out My Life Set The Record Straight We Don't Got A Community We Don't Own Shit In This World Run By The Heathens Aka Greeks Romans People Whole Europe Are The So Called White Man & Esau His Wicked Seed The Arab's You See To Day Banks Run By The Heathens World Wide Nothing In This World We Gone Half For Ourselves Only Till Dabar Comes Back From Heaven Kill All The Heathens Plus Satan On Judgement Day End Of This Evil Earth 🌏 All Who Disrespect Plus White Wash Our History Holy Black Skin Woolly Hair Roots House Of Yisrael Way Of Life Culture #FieldNegroesOnlyNoHouseNegroes #CoonFree #RunAwaySlaves #InTheOrderOfMelchizedekOnly #DontLinkMeWithThemPhariseesCamps #WatchoutForThePharisees #PhariseesDontBeliveInDabar

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