You can never get enough of that sound! #oldschoolmusclecars #rumblerumbleshakeshake #bittersweet

The moment of reveal -Congratulations to Team Aftershock S2 - never grows old seeing & hearing the girls reactions to a whole season of sweat,hard work & dedication. Well deserved Aftershock! It takes a great program to make it happen #proud2bpride #summitherewecome #rumblerumbleshakeshake #caprideaftershock♒ @jessrez33 @caprideallstars💙💜 @kylew87 @sarahfong22 @weaverbryan @my_rising_sun @dionemichelle

Coach Jesse is proud of you girls! Great job working it ! 💜💙 #pridetakesovervegas #proud2bpride #rumblerumbleshakeshake @caprideallstars💜💙 @jessrez33 @sarahfong22 @kylew87

Waiting for mat time!! ✨ Team Aftershock - ready to rock the mats #pridetakesovervegas #rumblerumbleshakeshake #proud2bpride @jessrez33 @caprideallstars💜💙 @sarahfong22 @kylew87 #jamznationals

Ready to add to my collection back2back 💖 ready to rumble 😎#rumblerumbleshakeshake @caprideasllstars💜💙 @kylew87 @sarahfong22 Coach @jessrez33

Because we ❤ Cali-Pride. Always brings out the best of us. TOGETHER "YOU KNOW"#rumblerumbleshakeshake @jessrez33 #jamz @caprideallstars💜💙 @kylew87 @sarahfong22

Team Aftershock ready to defend the title. Go aftershock #rumblerumbleshakeshake @jessrez33 @caprideallstars💜💙 @kylew87 @sarahfong22

Wishing my little Typhoons 🌪 the best today!! JRS TSUNAMI 🌊You can do it! SRS Aftershock 〰 you all #rumblerumbleshakeshake SRS WildFire🔥you are on Fire!!! Love you all - the Pride Family,Fans in the stands ❤❤❤❤🎀@caprideallstars💙💜 @kylew87 @sarahfong22

Wishing only the best to Coach Courtney on her new job- the Masters Life🎀 You'll always have pride in your heart 💜💙❤ photo creds @jessrez33 @caprideallstars💜💙 @kylew87 @sarahfong22 @my_rising_sun @dionemichelle "your team Aftershock〰 " #rumblerumbleshakeshake

#rumblerumbleshakeshake @caprideallstars💜💙 photocreds 📸@jessrez33 S2 Aftershock about to Rock that stage 💜💙

Getting ready to compete this Saturday! Dominate - Aftershock #mypridelife😘 #rumblerumbleshakeshake @caprideallstars💙💜 @kylew87 @sarahfong22

Wow more ways to save on dinner! FUNDRAISER WEDNESDAY 1/11/17 6:30 pm to 9pm location: 4007 Medford St unit 1620 on side street-see you there and bring your friends & neighbors #rumblerumbleshakeshake #caprideaftershock @jessrez33 at the gym!

Team Aftershock wanted to take this moment to Thank all the fans & families that came out to support us at last Sundays Fundraiser💑❤ #mypridelife😘 #rumblerumbleshakeshake @caprideallstars💜💙 @jessrez33 @kylew87 @sarahfong22

It's what we do💜 Coach workout with @courtneyjuggs - come meet us tomorrow at Fundraiser .. Albertson's in Alhambra 8-5pm #mypridelife😘 #rumblerumbleshakeshake @caprideallstars 💜💙 @kylew87 @sarahfong22

Happy b-day Kaitlyn! Senior 2 team Aftershock ❣#rumblerumbleshakeshake
@caprideallstars 💙💜🎀🎉🎊photo creds @jessrez33 @courtneyjuggs @kylew87 @sarahfong22 reminder fundraiser Sunday at Albertson's Alhambra 8-5pm

SUNDAY 1/8/17 start the New Year by helping support our kids 😇 in their goals towards Nationals💰stop on by and purchase some tasty treats and goodies #rumblerumbleshakeshake #caprideaftershock @caprideallstars 💜💙 @kylew87 @sarahfong22 @jessrez33 @courtneyjuggs

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