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Finale of our Level 2 Junior Maker workshop!

After learning about how vibrations generate sound on Day 1, today the kids experienced the use of vibrations in another form: as a former of propulsion!

These Rumblebots are carefully designed to move forward on a vibrating track, and boy did we have fun racing each other! More significantly to us, is the massive amounts of creativity on display and the huge variety of designs these kids came up with.

Check out this highlights video to see all of them in action!

#anothersuccessfulprogram #vibrationpropelled #rumblebots #juniormaker

Amazing time @officialracewars with the @awdsome_lifestyles Fam. 📸 by @lesasautobodysupplies . Thanks for all your support.
@Regranned from @lesasautobodysupplies - I want to thank @04poswrxwagon and @lizamarie702 for the support and @vegasairbrushing for doing such a outstanding job on the paint job. #lesasautobodysupplies - #regrann

Rumble Bots @M378, we had a great time building, testing, and battling. Thanks to the awesome staff!#urbanadvantage #nysci @makerspace #nyscifamsci #latergram

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