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I'd climb mountains for you. •

#natureisforlovers #alabamawhoknew #hiking #ruffnermountain

The view from the #ruffnermountain treehouse was so pretty this morning.

A beautiful and snowy #ruffnermountain hike today. #instagrambham

Best workshop student ever# what a fun place to teach!♡☆♡ #ruffnermountain

🌨☃️🌬!! #optoutside #ruffnermountain

Great eco dyeing class at Ruffner Mountain today! Thanks @doug_baulos and @littleforest_ #ruffnermountain

Enjoying community day and celebrating 40 years of Ruffner Mountain! #bhamdistrict2 #ruffnermountain


A beautiful and snowy #ruffnermountain hike today. #instagrambham

The view from the #ruffnermountain treehouse was so pretty this morning.

🌨☃️🌬!! #optoutside #ruffnermountain

Happy snow day from Ruffner Mountain!

Nice little walk in the woods .. the good thing about hiking in December is that you usually have the whole place to yourself. The bad is that its a bit chilly
#ruffnermountain #alhiking #coldblooded

Recognize this image? If you’re already a member, thank you! If not…how often do you visit Ruffner? How often do you hike, run, or walk its trails, use its facilities, or visit the Nature Center? Once a month? Once a week? Even more often? If you do any of these on a regular basis, it’s time to become a Ruffner member.

But what do you get in return? It may be helpful to think of a Ruffner membership as a usage or entry fee for the mountain. Every day, our gates are open to anyone and everyone who would like to enter and enjoy all that Ruffner has to offer, whether it's the trails, the stunning views, the restrooms, parking lot, the Pavilion, Nature Center, or Habitat Garden. Each of these requires regular maintenance and upkeep, and your membership goes a long way in ensuring that they are available and, more importantly, FREE to all.

To you who visit and attend programs, who profess your love for Ruffner Mountain, Turkey Creek, Red Mountain, or any of the green spaces that make our city so magical, now is the time to become a member. Follow the link in our bio for more information.

Fall colors above the quarry #ruffnermountain #birminghamal #fallcolors

Sunday was for the last of fall hikes and welcoming Advent #latergram #ruffnermountain

Spent the day hiking Ruffner with my son and my dad. #ruffnermountain #raisingalexander

Inspecting an old quarry from up above #ruffnermountain #hikealabama #labsofinstagram

Saturday hike. Ah the smell of this earth mother. Ah beautiful dogs Lily & Clara. #ruffnermountain #irondale

Flashback to the quilt block I made for @kellysmithtrimble as I’m working on another project for my good friend. #ruffnermountain #fabricart

What does a Ruffner member look like?

If you're a Ruffner Mountain frequent visitor, if you hike these trails, if you enjoy the Nature Center and Pavilion, if you enjoy free access to green space and the facilities which surround it, then sign up today and become a Ruffner member. Link in bio. Special thanks to Alex, Gregory, and Opal!

How often do you use Ruffner as your doggy gym, or a place to walk your dog? If you use or frequent Ruffner, it is time to become a Member. No where else on this side of the city do you have access to the kind of biodiversity, diversity of terrain, historical artifacts, and stunning views that you do on Ruffner Mountain. Help us keep Ruffner free and open to all, and become a Member today. Link in bio.

This week is suppose to be beautiful! Get outside and enjoy it! Ruffner is another one of our hidden gems so close to the city! Not only does it have beautiful trails it has an amazing nature center! Go in check it all out, sign up for a membership and #optoutside !

Thanks @ruffnermt for a great view of the sunset yesterday! 🌄 Also, @running_this_town SLAYED this shoot! I mean, just look at that smize. @tyrabanks would be so proud.

HIKER FRIENDS: I’m in search of some views! Where is your favorite look out spot to hike to?

Stealing hearts and running off {into the woods} and never saying sorry. 😏

📸: @running_this_town

#sunset #hike #ruffnermountain #fall #birminghamalabama #rolltide #getoutside #nofilter just another day exploring what Alabama has to offer

#nygpicaday November 24: outdoors Actually the 24th was supposed to be shopping and the 25th was supposed to be outdoors, but I switched them because we went on a hike at #ruffnermountain We hiked just over 3 miles, and Ryland made it almost the whole way.

#LittleBoyDude took on the Quarry Trail at @ruffnermt and rocked it. This kid is a born hiker just like @sgrehalva. #ruffnermountain

We worked off some sweet potatoes and coconut cake today at Ruffner Mountain! #birmingham #skyline #ruffnermountain #optoutside

“The world’s big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” #johnmuir #ruffnermountain #quarrytrail #gohike #snapseed #chestnut #sunsets

Celebrating Birmingham Christmas tree...Shuttlesworth Airport #ruffnermountain #ruffnermountainnaturepreserve #bestofbirmingham

The woods are still bursting with Fall’s secrets.

I was by myself today at #habitatgardenclub and planted these silverleaf aster (Pityopsis graminifolia) cuties. Next fall, we’ll have pretty yellow flowers. #ruffnermountain #habitatgarden #plantthisnotthat

Fall ❤️🧡💛💚

Screech owl cuteness overload at Ruffner Mtn. #ruffnermtn #ruffnermountain

pretty echinacea from today's class at Ruffner 😌

#ruffnermountain is Jorah's new favorite place

Ruffner's mission: to advance the understanding of ecology in a rapidly changing world. As a nonprofit with no endowment and no Federal, State, or County funding, we rely upon the individuals that make up the Magic City to advance our mission and preserve places like the Quarry, our native bat populations, and the innumerable species of flora and fauna on the mountain. If you appreciate green space and places like Ruffner Mountain—our inherited natural world that is more real now than ever—then consider becoming a member of Ruffner Mountain or making a one-time donation. Give today, and protect the places that matter. Follow the link in our bio for more. 📷: Bob Farley

Night hike tonight. #ruffnermountain #birmingham

If a hiker falls in the woods and no one is around to see it, did it really happen? #askingforafriend #ruffnermountain

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