I waited a day to post this so I'd have a bit of time to give a calm assessment. So here are a few tips from inside the booth.
1. Your camera does not make your a professional photographer.
2. If there are signs posted that say "no photos" that is exactly what it means.

3. If others are in there looking, odds are they do not give a fuck about your camera.

4. Your camera does not make you special. In fact you are just the white noise of social media.

5. NO you are NOT GOING TO GIVE ME FREE ADVERTISING. Trust me, I've been around a lot fucking longer than you and your account. You being an obnoxious self effacing rude piece of shit will NOT help anyone. The only exposure I see is your true nature and you are ugly as fuck.

6. Taking a sneaky photo is not ok. You're just a shitty human. Fuck you.

7. How about you ask and explain why you'd like to take one. I'll bet you get a well deserved thank you for being polite and a yes because the "no photo" signs are really about the attitudes of those mentioned above.

8. Taking 16 fucking photos, then saying: "Oh, I didn't see the note" and then telling me you can't wait to get home and make X for yourself, is not a compliment. You're just a raging complete useless piece of shit human, fuck you too.

9. The LAW in the US states 'There is reasonable expectation to privacy in private group events. Any event with a gate, indoors, and where there is exclusion, is considered private and cameras may only be used with permission. I do have a right to say no and you do not have a RIGHT to just take photos. You will not win this one.
I cannot tell you how stupid and ugly you look trying to sneak photos. How rude you are pushing people out of the way. How absolutely selfish you are not respecting the hundred folks around you or the artist's stated wishes. Or how ignorant you are when you take photos with the NO PHOTOS tag in them. If I smash your phone or camera it's not because I hate you, it'll just be an accident because, you know, I didn't see the camera just like you didn't see the sign.

Photo: Eugene Triguba https://www.stockio.com/free-photo/sioux-falls-4

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Don't judge a book by it's cover. An old street man reading Himalayan times at Basantapur.
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