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Two amazing peeps who shows that girls also fit in short hair, love it!✨ | I have short hair too and sometimes it feels like people just think that boys can have short hair and that's so wrong. Have the haircut You want! |
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actual art

GORGEOUS 😍🎀💕 #skam #rubydagnall #emmawlarzen (I kid you not. I had a Swedish listening comprehension a couple weeks back and there was one part when you're suppose to react to a series of questions from an interviewer and when it started, I was chill but then the interviewer introduced herself as Emma Larzen and I choked. Then I literally didn't follow whatever the interviewer said next 😂😂😂)

❧ Emma W. Larzen
{Q} What are the three qualities you feel are most important in a friend?
{A} I must be able to trust them, they must understand me and they can't judge me
— ♕ —
dust means an idiot, this doesn't mean dust as in english.
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Emma is honestly goals like look at her face and everything,, so pretty. ⠀
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Gonna have a skam marathon with @siirikarpiola tomorrow🌚 I'm so happy and excited. It's finally fun to have a fangirl friend in real life who's in the same fandom as me
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Heard that tarjei dropped out of eastside/westside series? Well i hope he loves doing what he's doing rn and he's happy ❤ and fucking hell she's so beautiful i cant get enough of her ❤
#skam #rubydagnall

she's so beautiful i cri

noticed we hadn't had smiley ruby for a while so here you go 🖤


noticed we hadn't had smiley ruby for a while so here you go 🖤

have you ever seen beauty like this

New edit ❤

Ruby Dagnall ha interpretato uno dei personaggi probabilmente più odiati in Skam, Emma. Sinceramente io non ho mai odiato Emma, anzi, l'ho trovata anche simpatica (eccetto quando si è intromessa tra gli Evak 😂) #skam #skamily #skamseason3 #skamseason4 #emmalarzen #skamemma #rubydagnall #skamedit #takkforalt #skamitalia

an actual angel 💎

she is so pretty and i am in love #rubydagnall #skam


Roskilde! 🙌🏼🔥#skam #rubydagnall #rf17


okay we are getting MAD. the amount of hate ppl are posting in the comments and our dm's is ridiculous, ruby dagnall has done nothing wrong and yall need to stop being salty bitches before we stop ignoring ur dumb comments and come at u :)
(and if you're cussing her for the actions of her character then legit wyd)

tru beauty

this jacket looks so good on her !

I didn't expect this at all. Lucky Emma though... Isak, Jonas and Chris... Get it, girl. 😂💙



SKAM. En æra er over. Det er vemodig å ta avskjed med Skam-universet, men fy fader for en reise det har vært. Vi har ledd, grått, lært og blitt ordentlig glade i alle karakterene. Jeg vil påstå at det er en av de viktigste seriene laget i Norge, noensinne. Og jeg håper av hele mitt hjerte at denne serien blir pensum på alle ungdomsskoler. Julie Andem har gjort en formidabel jobb med å skape en serie helt uten om det vanlige. En serie som har fenget på tvers av kjønn, legning, religion, alder og land. Skam har fenget en hel verden. Og for en avslutning vi fikk. Andem, tusen takk for at du har gitt verden denne serien. Du er utrolig. Tusen takk til alle skuespillere som spiller så vanvittig godt. Tusen takk til alle andre som har vært en del av dette, dere gjør en magisk jobb. Nå er det bare å begynne å se forfra. Alt er love. #julieandem @julieandem @p3skam_offisiell @nrkp3 @imanmeskini @inasven @josefinpettersen @ulrikkefalch @henkeholm @carlmartinegg @marlonlangeland @thohay #lisateige @cengizal @simoeljr @yousefhjelde @muttaa97 @adamezzari #tarjeisandvikmoe @sachakleber @davidsjoholt #rubydagnall @hermantommeraas @kristina.odegaard @cecilie_martinsen @rakelnesje (med flere) 📸: NRK P3/ skam / DN Sigrid Bjorbekkmo #skrytetrollet #skam #skamlife #skamseason4 #skamily #ungdom #julieandem #nrk #p3 #p3skam #ros #skryt #skuespill #talent #takk #lærdom #kjærlighet #alterlove

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