This week I’m only teaching☝🏾class {yoga church Monday night with Johanna Beekman.} Why? •
Because this lil mother maker made me the happiest lady that ever was by choosing me to be her mama. •
And as her mama I get to be in awe and wonder every moment I spend with her, like today at the beach with me & @tay_yo where she built intricate fairy shelters while explaining to us that she is planning to re-write the whole Bible “where all the women will be prophetesses, not just wives” {😂 👸🏾 👏🏼 💯} •
And this week where I’m blessed to be a parent chaperone on her Waldorf class’s 4 day overnight farm trip where we’ll camp out under the stars in NorCal on a 50-acre, solar electric and horse-powered, organic biodynamic farm in Mendocino county. •
So while I love tending to my beloved grown-up yogis in class, this week I’ll be tending to the children as they do the weeding, hoeing, plowing, planting, harvesting, composting, shearing sheep, feeding and tending the animals. {Sounds like there will be a little time for sunrise yoga on the farm too 🙌🏽.} I’m crazy inspired seeing the world through the eyes of these little beings - it reopens me to p o s s i b i l i t y. So now you know where I’ll be this week, singing songs with third graders as I shovel horse manure, all the while my heart bursting open a lil bit wider! 💓

I hope you join me Monday for my one practice this week - Yoga Church with the soulful @johannabeekman // Monday night // 5:30 pm // downtown Santa Cruz at Vets Hall for donation-based community yoga. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
And if you want to come join me + #rubybea for the service trip of a lifetime in Guatemala, check out HannahMuseYoga.com for all the deets. 👷🏽‍♂️We are taking 15-20 friends to come build bottle schools with us + communities + families in rural Guatemala. Then we’re going to a beautiful retreat center at Lake Atitlan to relax and rejuvenate, eat organic food, hike, swim, PLAY. We’ll be practicing yoga every day and taking care of our bodies + souls as we take care of our planet + her children. 👫

And guess what? If you register now through Monday you can save $300 with the code {EARTHDAY}.

Two of the first beautiful friends we made in the big capitol city of Suva (where we stopped for a day and a half on our way home to Taveuni, Fiji): Nancy and Fine (pronounced Fee-nay). Backstory: Ruby has wanted to get her hair braided for years - literally years. I love adorning her with french braids and wrap around braids and all sorts of hair dos, but have never felt my skillz were enough to do this flavor of tight row braids. So we were strolling by a little barber shop downtown after breakfast and Fine’s smiling face was peering out the doorway... and the rest is history. As they skillfully and lovingly braided her crazy long curly locks, they shared stories of their island life. Fine has 8 children, Nancy has 3. Their mothers and sisters watch their children while they work. They love their work. They opened up to us that women’s rights are finally getting some attention there, and that “the men are terrified”. I asked how things were changing for women in Fiji. Their replies were centered mostly around domestic violence and how police and the courts take it seriously now. I shared with them the triumphs for women in the US, and also that there was still much to change, and that we were with them in solidarity, They told us that we must be mermaids (how did they know our secret?) and sent us on our way. Will never forget these two and the stories, laughs and connection we shared. .
ps that was over a week ago and #rubybea’s braids are going strong — she plans on keeping them for months, maybe years. 💋

h o m e ✨
•sweet home Santa Cruz, in the arms of my beloveds. And so grateful to be in the arms of my community for practice Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday mama classes. As much as I love to travel there's nothing better than my yoga community here at home. You steal my heart! 💗 Then off to study and celebrate the magic and wonder of Birth+Yoga at Prenatal Training in sisterhood at Mount Madonna for the rest of the week. :: p r a c t i c e :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Monday 5:30⚡️YOGA CHURCH⚡️ with LIVE MUSIC by Shane Dooley // vets hall // sliding scale community yoga 🌈
. ⚡️Tues 9am @breathandoneness (all levels)
🌸 Wed 10am Mama Baby Yoga //
🌸 Wed 12pm Prenatal Yoga
Thank you So Cal for your loving embrace this past week, the deep learning, heart-melting kirtan with @jaiuttal, and to @mandala_center for having me down to share Wide Awake. Meeting this life with my whole body. 🙏🏽 Thank you Universe. #yogaeveryblessedday #takemetochurch #rubybea

Date night with my girl. (Daddy's on a plane to go play a show. ✈️) We went to @bookshopsc and she got a #StarWars book and I scored a used #ChogyamTrungpa book on Tibetan Buddhism. Then we walked over to @oswaldrestaurant and ate, laughed, read our books, snuggled, and discussed what we were reading, I tried to define the #Force. When I explained that it was like ⚡️#Shakti ⚡️it totally clicked for her.
I love this girl, and this life. #datenight #santacruz #rubybea

“All of my heart is better for you than half of it” 🤔😍 #happyvalentinesday

Nine years ago today, with a full moon 🌕lighting up the sky, the celestial heavens parted above and an Angel arrived earthside into my arms. I've been holding her tight ever since.

:: this sunbeam ☀️. She's the lucky number ✨<< 9 >> ✨
this weekend. .

I love her. .


Today I brought my little Ruby home in a box. I did not expect that milestone to be as painful as it is. #rubybea #heartbroken #petloss

My finished "Born to Create" tattoo featuring a life-sized image of my fabric scissors, my #rubybea dog's life-sized paw print in watercolor, glue, thread, brushes, and alstromeria flowers. Custom designed by Tina at Geister Ink. I love it! #tattoo #arttattoo #crafttattoo

Today's tattoo session was mostly to color in and finish an existing tattoo but it got a special little "watercolor" addition of Ruby's paw. #rubybea #tattoo #memorialtattoo #pawprint #pawprinttattoo #watercolortattoo

Somebody woke up with a fever today. Motherhood has been the ultimate teacher of impermanence + non-attachment. Today is just a small example. .

Instead of crushing my to-do list (that has been hanging pretty low over my head the past few days, beckoning to me louder and louder), I found some [awesome] subs for my morning (mama) classes, turned my phone on #donotdisturb, and proceeded to spend the day on what truly mattered in the #present moment -- rather than being held captive by conditioned mind, where imaginary pressures of the future and tightly-held burdens of the past often cause us suffering when things don't go "as planned". .

So, rather than get that workshop description emailed to LA, and that ytt copy written and over to Japan, and all the other things that seemed so very important - I spent the day on what was really truly important in real time : snuggling and massaging, reading all 245 pages of "A Wrinkle in Time" aloud (damn, it's still so good), making teas + toasts + herbal steams, and nurturing #rubybea. .

May I just add that I am endlessly grateful that my two most favorite jobs/hats I wear/truest #dharma inform each other so divinely? Motherhood (Ruby) + Mindfulness (yoga) thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for blessing me with your teachings, your wisdom, your challenges, your wonder, your intimacy with life, your grace, your LOVE. I'm just gonna keep showing up and see what else you got in store for us. 💯💋 .
p.s. Papa #bear is on his way home to care for baby bear, so I'll be at @divinitree #tonight to share in the beauty of breath, flow + restorative yoga 6:30-8pm. Get cozy with me in the rain.

:: p r a c t i c e ::::::::: ⚡️Tues 9am @breathandoneness . :::::::: 🌸 Wed 10am Mama Baby Yoga .
:: 🌸 Wed 12pm Prenatal Yoga .
@pacificculturalcenter . ::
⚡️ Wed 6:30pm @divinitree .
:: ⚡️ Thurs 9am @breath+oneness .
:: ⚡️Thurs 12-1pm @santacruzyoga .
:: 🌵Friday ➡️Sunday • off to Tucson, AZ to teach yoga at @gemandjamfestival 🔮🌵. Collabing with some incredible musicians @dixonsviolin + @jasonburruss for yoga on Saturday + Sunday, get to dance to my bae @sts9, and #rubybea is coming along for the ride, as my assistant, of course. (She gives the best hands-on assists. #tinyhands 😂.) So stoked!
Don't worry folks, I'll be home in time for #YogaChurch on Monday and all classes next week too 😉. 📷 @wintercreativeco ✌🏾Hannah leggings by @synergyclothing #spottedinsynergy

"And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds, are immune to your consultations, They're quite aware of what they're going through..." ⚡️D A V I D B O W I E ⚡️ (changes)
Just a lil on-our-way to school snap, because I love her so much. Because she blows me away with her awareness of self, awareness of her feelings, awareness of others' tenderness, awareness of her connection to life - human, nature, material and spirit worlds. Because she's so strong. Because she's so compassionate. Because her creative ideas matter. Because she's gonna change the world, just by being her. #rubybea

I can't decide if looking at photos makes me feel better or worse. #rubybea #heartbroken

I will forever miss this little spitfire with her giant personality. #heartbroken #rubybea (Photo taken on a happier day.)

This is how Ruby is spending her last day... on my lap, basking in the warm sun, with tummy rubs. #rubybea #ifonlylovewasenough #heartbroken #fuckkidneydisease

It's hard to say goodbye. #fuckkidneydisease #rubybea

Our little Dalmatian is a month old today 😍 growing to fast already!! #rubybea

When you're on Maui and the band is playing Shakedown Street and there happens to be a couple spare hula hoops lying around... #rubybea #hoopingskillz #purejoy

SOMEONE is super cute with her little pony tail. SOMEONE doesn't like being super cute. Too bad, super cute tiny dog! #meanmom #crazydoglady #rubybea #cabinfever

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