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Can we please talk about how much badassery is happening here??? Way to kill it Anastasia! #tagthebag #rsbc4life #rsbcrevolution #chasegreatness #windedwednesday

Birthday shout out to Kandace and Mel, celebrating their big day at Rock Star Boot Camp and their RSBC family!
Fantastic work everyone, today has gone so well - let's keep it going for the PM sessions with Mindy and I -- see y'all soon!


JOIN US IN HONORING THE MEN & WOMEN IN BLUE! 👮🏻👮🏼‍♀️ RSBC salutes our law enforcement and KICKS OFF NATIONAL POLICE WEEK with a Police Style Power Hour Workout SATURDAY MAY 13, 2017, 0800 hours! FREE TO ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT💪🏼 https://www.facebook.com/events/1963852970517660??ti=ia #rsbcrevolution #rsbcpoliceworkout #nationalpoliceweek #thankourheroes

Make Your Body Your Machine! #rsbc4life #rsbcrevolution #rockstar #everyday #rsbc

No need to fear the 24" box jump anymore! So proud of you @jeizabeth. #rsbc4life #rsbcrevolution #boxjumps

Although it's MY birthday this week...the #RSBCfamily is getting the presents!

New for the summer months at the RSBC warehouse (and I'm about to save Blackwell's life with this one), we are bringing in another new cooling system and larger fans as you continue to train hard all summer long!

And since everyone seemed to love the trials last week, we have added a full station of new RSBC Push Up Trainers!


Just because I am a mere 3 days away from my 48th birthday doesn't mean 200 push-ups were not needed on this beautiful Sunday morning. They were. ;) Now, it's off to finish and become an official Steel Mace Master here in Austin, Texas! #rsbcrevolution #rsbc4life #rsbcmurph #murphtraining #rsbc

Huge shout and thank you to all our #rsbcfamily who came out to Road Runner Sports for the free family workout today...everyone had fun with free food, raffle prizes and tons of sweat! ;) #rsbc


Can we please talk about how much badassery is happening here??? Way to kill it Anastasia! #tagthebag #rsbc4life #rsbcrevolution #chasegreatness #windedwednesday

Another epic original and super fun RSBC Winded Wednesday is here!
Mindy and I hope to see y'all real soon!

Ps: yes, if you have boxing gloves/wraps, bring them today. If not, no problem - either way is cool!
#epic #superfunworkout #cardio #rsbc #rsbccardio #windedwednesday #rsbcrevolution #rsbc4life #chasegreatness #tagthebag #boxing

FREE WORKOUT ALERT! It's another free RSBC Family and Friends Fun Workout coming THIS Saturday, August 19, 8am at Road Runner Sports Scottsdale!
As the Official Boot Camp of Road Runner Sports, Rock Star Boot Camp has arranged another really cool event where EVERYONE (family, friends, kids and all fitness levels) is encouraged and welcome to attend! **And this one is gonna be unique in that we are taking all of you INSIDE Road Runner Sports for the workout - yes, that's correct - INSIDE the store for the workout - we got Road Runner to clear out space and make room inside the air conditioned store as we heat you guys up with a super fun, free family workout!** So gather up anyone you want, and we'll meet at Road Runner Sports Scottsdale, right next to Whole Foods Market on Scottsdale Road and Mayo Blvd., just south of the Loop 101 and Scottsdale Road - 8am this Saturday…when we finish by 8:30am then FREE FOOD from the ProteinHouse and RAFFLE PRIZES with special discounts throughout the entire store!

So to recap: THIS Saturday, August 19, 8am. Free to EVERYONE - bring the kids, friends, parents, everyone of all skill and abilities to Road Runner Sports starting at 8am. Mindy and I will both be on the mic running the fun, and we hope to see all you there!
Free workout, free food and free prizes - EVERYONE is welcome to attend/all ages/abilities/kids/family/friends!

We would love to see you there, if you can come out and have some fun! ****No camp sessions will be held at the RSBC warehouse that Saturday morning - we will see you all at Road Runner Sports, 8am!**** And yes, feel free to 'share' this post to invite your Facebook peeps - spread the word!
And here's a bonus challenge - if we have 75 (or more) peeps attend our first ever indoor Road Runner Sports/RSBC family and friends workout tomorrow / I'll personally host a special upcoming all new RSBC Power Hour (date and time TBA)...but we need 75 or more - come and get it! #rsbcfamily #rsbc4life #rsbc #rsbcrevolution

Yo RSBC family!
We have some really cool fight drills upcoming at Rock Star, including the use of our new heavy punching bags.
To fully reap the benefits of these drills on any given day, you might want to swing by your local sporting goods store or Amazon.com to pick up some hand wraps and/or gloves to keep in your car (to grab to use on a moment's notice). I say this now, so you'll have a few days to shop and be prepared.

The style and model is strictly up to you...and this is only a suggestion, it's not mandatory - but like I said to take full advantage of some drills, these items will be essential to have.

Get ready. ;) #rsbc #rsbcfightclub #rsbcwarrior #rsbcfamily #warrior #chasegreatness #rsbcrevolution #rsbc4life

Understanding the importance of the push/pull relationship in the body...important to the core strength and overall control and body awareness. In other words, endlessly lifting weights up and down in one direction will only get you so far, before your body starts to rebel and say "HEY - you need to train smarter than that!" Enter the the steel club...and be ready to move! #realworldstrength #reactivecore #pushpull #rsbcwarrior #rsbc4life #rsbcrevolution #rsbc #rsbcfamily #unconventionaltraining #steelisreal

Sneak peak on new complexes and total body activation training coming to Rock Star Boot Camp as we celebrate better results and more fun...stay tuned!
This is gonna get good. ;) #rsbc #rockstar #yesiamverysweaty #sweatyissexy #rsbcfamily #rsbcrevolution #rsbc4life

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