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IT SNOWED AGAIN and spring break is around the corner. If Mother Nature doesn’t get it together I mind cry...

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hey baby

sleepy bedhead **not my art

✽⛵☻✧ —❝no sé si seguir intentándolo o dejarte ir. es estúpido esperar algo que sólo duele, pero también es estúpido dejar ir todo lo que quieres.❞
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Honestly love sucks and I hate it a lot I wish I didn't feel for people and care so much when they don't even care of love me back . I never understand why people enjoy seeing others hurt and you wanna preach on relationship issues but cause your own. It doesn't add up. Like you talk about how you get treated like this and how dirty this person did you and etc but your just a minpluative dumbass

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yes i am active just lazy to post

Who should I call to complain about this cold snowy weather because I’ve had enough

i just got potato wedges and an iced coffee, am i in heaven? 😻😻🗣 #openrp #ggrp #rptheme

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huang zitao.

may second, ninety three.
twenty four.

tao is bisexual, with a tiny preference for guys, he’s taken by the love of his life, baekhyun. (@/oneniqht) and he’s a dom.

❝oh, it’s happening❞ ..

the man stands at a somewhat tall height of 6’0”, with little fat on his body making him appear even more tall, and sometimes intimidating. .

he has a disgusting habit of smoking, and he tends to stay quite reserved when you first talk to him, but after the initial first few conversations, he’s a total softie, and won’t hesitate to help cheer you up when you need it
. —
the rapper was previously in a boy group, which a lot of people know as EXO, but quit, for reasons which he will never tell, but nobody knows of any present projects.

❝i’ll be your beggar, your fool❞

his hometown is qingdao, china, and it’s where he currently resides, in which the scenery is beautiful, and he wouldn’t ever dare to hesitate on the opportunity of using it as a first date spot.
. —
tao still dances a bit, but he never applies his knowledge of martial arts to anything.

he has a weak leg anyway, so there’s no point in him even trying to take up the sport anymore
. —
❝you got it, fuck❞
zitao has no problem admitting to dying his hair every so often, and styling it loosely to accommodate to his ever changing personality.
he’s always seen as someone who wears designer clothes only, which is not the case. he wears whatever he feels is comfortable, which is typically a black shirt and grey jacket with a red flannel tied around his waist finishing the look with blue, ripped, skinny jeans and white sneakers. .

he’d like to have some more friends, so hit him up? send him a dm?.

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K A Y L A M. 🌪
18 // Muy madura para su edad. // Bisexual. //Divertida y con algunas personas tierna. // Sexy. // Fuma y bebe desde sus 15 años.
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uh haha yeah, the name’s leo. i’m just here for a good time and some friends along for the ride.

I’m just now finding out the sims the game stands for simulation...

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