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Actually I wanna go see this movie. @1billskarsgard

i could hurt you😈⚔️

“the shores bend and break for her, and she begs to be loved.”
clementine albano - 🎋
1996 / 21 years old but doesn't really know how to adult properly / about 5 feet and 3 inches / filipino and proud / black lives matter supporter / equal rights activist / will literally survive on hot cheeto fries and knock off sprite / boy + girl kisser / somehow got engaged to a pretty amazing guy named shane / go subscribe to his channel as soon as possible / conspiracy theorist / will fight anybody who tries to start shit with her fiancé / self deprecation is a plus in her book / a normal sleep schedule? i don't know her. / lowkey kind of hates her best friend / still has a grudge against mark for ruining tiny kitchen for her / some guy tried eating her ass before (it's a funny story) / loves her sister cassius with all of her heart / adores her son olivver / actually despises someone at the moment / quinn is her icon / won't hesitate to expose someone / will pull out the screenshots / gets stressed easily / 'i just love pussy, not the girl that it's attached to' / probably gay to some extent / clingy but won't really admit it / says she looks like a mole rat when she doesn't have make up on / feel free to befriend her for shitty dad jokes

introduce yourself for a dop and fop.

aloha i'm waylon and comment your name letter by letter for a tbh and some more stuff

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sugar daddy. loves horror. father of two pups. caregiver. sleeps way too much. california. flirt but usually means nothing. cuddler. will choke you. biggest music enthusiast. ava's daddy. a fucking liberal. blm. love his best friend emery. chinese take out god. needs friends.

Good morning 🌷
Here is another edit that I've been working on since last night, enjoy.
@jheneaiko #jheneaiko

💙👀 #rpforboys


Kiyo hyung, a twenty year old boy with music and being himself in his heart. he is taken currently, but doesn't care what's in your pants, but really cares what's in your heart and on your mind. his weakness will and will always be puppies and the good kind of Chinese food. he's a clingy boy with a big heart and is the hype for the girl group 'Flora.' this awkward but rather sassy boy takes friendships very well, so don't be scared to slide him a message. [ comment an emoji for a tbh maybe. ]

the fuck

Hanging out with flowers.

causally contemplative.

attention all bored people!
comment to be in a group chat!

1. if you're sending in a request please send them through dm, and be specific about what you want.
2. please be patient and don't rush me, i'm only one person as of right now so it will take me a bit longer.
3. you don't need to give credits on any of my intros, unless you want too.
that's all the rules i have for now, feel free to dm me if you have any questions.
this is an intro i made for myself a little while ago but never actually used so feel free to use it if you want!
send in some requests 💗

I want cuddles ):

Rules to be my girl/boyfriend ~
1. You must be a rp account and the relationship needs to go on both accounts for this to work.
2. We must rp for a few days to get to know each other better and see if we're compatible or not.
3. I want a literate rper who knows their grammar. Spelling errors are fine but if you don't know the different usages of there, to, its, and of, then please don't rp with me.
4. Please dm me to start the rp, that's better for me :)
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[like + comment your name letter by letter for a tbh!]
— ALISON. 🍒♡💍
1998, pennsylvania. gemini. boy and girl kisser. happily married. not to be messed with, that's the only warning you're getting. perfectionist. conspiracy theorist. subversive. lana del rey enthusiast. dangerously straightforward, but has a nice side. be her friend, maybe you'll get to see it.

#openrp #newopenrp #newrp

new york, i love you 🕊

no me gustan mis amigos

hmu for a friendship

hello fellow weebs,
I've started watching anime again after a short hiatus,
I'm really liking these two
Which one should I start?

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Candice Rain Daniels/18 years old / single pringle / bisexual/ younger than @pinmedcwn
By seven minutes/ has hazel eyes/ going to film school / is a doggo person/ likes pineapple pizza and macaroni/ looking for that certain smol soft baby to spend her days with in Jersey. / enjoys swimming, fantasy literature, soccer, photography, and yoga/ takes gymnastics. / likes redheads./ Percy Jackson fanatic/ modeling is something she wishes she could do.
Comment cause I have no friends.
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