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I don't mean to bother you
But there's something that I want from you
Distract me from thinking too much
Loose ends all tied up with a touch

girls like girls like boys too
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comment your name letter by letter for a tbh

{introduce yourself for a tbh}
—your colombian classic five foot two, eighteen year old pansexual stubborn taurus. she's currently living with her two roommates evan and ray while attending one of the top universities in her freshman year. she loves to party and have a great time with her boyfriend, grayson. also, she pretty outgoing and pretty much a huge flirt so don't be afraid to say hey. she's pretty dirty minded and loves to make sex jokes and pick-up lines so be prepare for that if anything does happen. she has slight obsessions for anime and teen wolf so if any of that is mentioned be prepared to be spammed with edits. lastly, she is the youngest of her family of two brothers, one being a year older, and the other two minutes older. if you want to know more, just talk to her.

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‘93 baby. five foot three shortie. is engaged to the love of her life, finn hudson. mother to three. 8 months pregnant. is a sweetheart until you piss her off. clumsy as hell, trips and bumps into everything. chick fil a addict. is bomb as fuck at laser tag. oitnb&himym stan1!1!!1 uses emojis and caps way to often. guilty pleasure is watching cartoon shows. could use some more friends!! :-) #openrp #openrptag

bryson c. hunt.
fifthteen. november boy. nobody's boy. boy 'nd girl kisser. sadly sad. hand holder. broken. sarcastic. over protective. bad decision maker. skateboarder. clingy. weird. music. jokes. hugger. logang. looses everyone. am talker. hyper. naps. soccer. jon bellion lover. needs family. loves his friends. -
dm me for a rad friendship.
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3 // kirstin t. maldonado —
19 ♕ 5’0 ♕ boy & girl kisser ♕ single ♕ still stuck in 2004 ♕ kinky, yet a virgin ♕ cries a lot ♕ sensitive ♕ will cry over dogs ♕ a disney princess ♕ still “emo” ♕ uses emojis ironically ♕ a sucker for nicknames ♕ giggles more than the average person ♕ always confused ♕ lays on the ground a lot ♕ smokes sometimes (yes, it’s legal) ♕ wants to talk to you about anything and everything ♕ a dark past ♕ some other problems that you don’t care about ♕ a sweetheart ♕ pls dm her she has no friends

the glass isn't the only thing.
i want pressed against my lip.

i love my woman gn

When you're trying to fall asleep with calming music and lights in the background so your little girl can sleep too💞

Get ready people, the beautiful and Damned is almost here.


i need some friends so hmu !!

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