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Westbrook thought he made the game winner but iggy had better plans🔥👀
Comment "SHOT" letter by letter if u hate the warriors😂👀

so as u can see this seems easy but I actually love this so much , i remember when focus came out
Opinions? 💫

KD went off against the Thunder😨🔥
Who's better, Russ or KD🤔👇🏽
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Via: @realtapes

Art or Real? ❤️


Steph Curry goes through defenders like it's nothing 🤷‍♀️,is he the best player in the league?
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Aye @pepewhat i recolored your drawing again lmao😂 hope u like it:)❤️


Nunca dejes de sonreir @griseldasiciliani Hermoso placer verte de jurado en @showmatch

Since everyone is making videos of players not being loyal, here's someone who stayed true to the Spurs till the end💯 Tim Duncan 'The Big Fundamental' 🔥🔥🙏🏽

Melo always dunking on people😂😂
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Gordon Hayward new 2k update😂
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~daily reminder to drink water, take ur meds, and dont👏pressure👏people👏to👏come👏out👏thanks👏~


Final post for this theme!!! So happy to see Lauv rise on the charts

fun fact: i came out for the very first time exactly one year ago,, iconic

someone: *refers 2 me as a girl*
me: idk her

I don't eat pears but this picture is cute so 😌

Mi gordaa🐶💗 #peruvianhairlessdog

Good night♥️

Good night, enjoy this photo♡

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