Hunter is almost 11 months, so I suppose it's time to sneak in his belated 10 month post. If anyone thinks I've fallen off the face of the earth, I really do still exist. My days are just currently spent chasing this little guy around every corner of our house (picking up choking hazards his big brothers sometimes leave along the way). Recent activities include, but are not limited to: removing safety covers from floor plugs, throwing unwanted food impressive distances from highchair, and cruising for a bruising. Also, I've learned if you put a baby in pants & shoes he instantly becomes a toddler. He hasn't worn real clothes since. Lord help us all, is every third baby this busy?! #rowbrothree #letthembelittle #onthemove #10months #rowlandfamilygoodness

Mom: a woman who loves you enough to fly across the country and help you unpack/repack/fly your three kids back home, all while cleaning your house and serving you wine. I want to be her when I grow up. #homeiswhereyourmomis #thamesfamilygoodness #rowbrothree #ittakesavillage

This one is almost 10 months, so I guess I should go ahead and post a 9 month shout out: Hunter, you are still absolute perfection. You laugh instead of cry to get our attention; you go to sleep without one complaint every single time (let's be honest, you're probably grateful to seek cover from your crazy brothers); you're conditioned to chaos and you go with the flow like any good third baby should (takes one to know one 😉). I love watching you change just as much as I hate seeing you grow. Time is such a thief. #rowbrothree #ninemonths #happybaby

Hunter loves his new kitchen perch.... Me, not so much 👉🏻 scroll right for all the dirty details. Who knew messes could be so cute?!#thisiswhyidontclean #whybother #isweep10timesaday #weneedadog #rowbrothree

8 months and all of a sudden you went from sitting still like a perfect babydoll to rapidly army crawling like Lieutenant Dan! Slow down little man, I still have to baby proof this place 😬 #rowbrothree #8months #rowlandfamilygoodness

7 months, 1 tooth, and endless smiles! Hunter you are the epitome of JOY. #rowbrothree #rowlandfamilygoodness #7months

Baby’s first snow! I love that he can’t throw a snowball at my face or yell at me while I try to stuff his little sausage fingers into gloves (like his older brothers do 🙄) #babyitscoldoutside #rowbrothree #rowlandfamilygoodness #therowlandroadtofellowship

Happy six months baby Hunt! You’re as close to perfect & precious as they come and I’ve never seen a more joyful baby in my life. The twinkle in your eye and precious smile are contagious. You’re my happy place when your big brothers are driving me crazy. I don’t know how it’s possible for a baby to give hugs, but somehow you do and I wish I could freeze them! Please stay sweet even when you hit your terrible twos 😬🙈🤦🏼‍♀️ #rowbrothree #rowlandfamilygoodness #sixmonths

Hunter’s first food attempt. No caption needed on his thoughts. 👆🏻 We had lots of little “helping” hands, yet somehow I’m the one who sent orange carrots flying through the living room. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #momfail #bitterbabyface #rowbrothree #rowbrowolfpack

5 precious months with these 10 precious toes! I love watching this guy change daily and seeing his little personality surface. He’s still just as happy as they come (mooooost of the time) and I do believe he’s a little dreamboat in the making 😍 #rowbrothree #rowlandfamilygoodness

Hunter, making bath time the best time since 10 weeks ago. I love that he doesn't yell at me for getting water in his eyes or splash me incessantly while I'm on my knees scrubbing the dirt off him. Third babies are angels, mainly because compared to their wild older siblings they are completely tolerable. #rowbrothree

1, 2, 3, 4! Count 'em. FOUR whole months with this precious nugget and if he gets any cuter I won't be able to handle it. #rowbrothree #fourmonths #rowlandfamilygoodness

Anyone know the etiquette for thank you notes?! Baby is three months old and they still aren't finished..... asking for a friend. #mayberoséwillhelp #whyamisobad #betterlatethannever #rowbrothree

Three whole months of Hunter and we've learned a thing or two... You're a big boy (98th percentile), very strong (love to 'stand' on my lap), and are pretty easy going (meaning you tolerate your crazy brothers). Also, thanks for deciding to finally sleep through the night this past week.... I'm a much better person because of it. Love you baby H! #rowlandfamilygoodness #rowbrothree #threemonths

My mom made Hunter this cute little diaper cover, then it got lost in the mail for two weeks during a major growth spurt 😬 We are now calling it a speedo.

Tummy time ain't got nothing on him! Two whole months with baby H and I'm completely hooked. You can find us frequently snuggling in bed/hiding from his wild brothers. These tiny infant days are everything and are flying much too fast #rowbrothree #8weeks

Somewhere in the midst of the moving chaos this precious, perfect, peaceful ANGEL already turned one month old! Everyone keeps asking how moving with a newborn is going, and honestly he's been the most welcomed distraction during all of it (except the late night hours of course) 😝 📷: @amandamarielackey #rowbrothree #rowlandfamilygoodness

The cutest these feet will ever be! #rowbrothree

Happy three weeks to baby H! We celebrated by lugging you to your brother's outpatient surgery at 5am followed by an all day packing party with your incredible grandmas who are literally keeping us afloat these days. Way to roll with the punches little man, you're already making this mama so proud! #thirdbabyprobs #rowbrothree #therowlandroadtofellowship #rowlandfamilygoodness #ittakesavillage

These sweet baby snuggles are the only thing helping me survive this absolutely crazy week. #rowbrothree #rowlandfamilygoodness

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