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Baby’s first snow! I love that he can’t throw a snowball at my face or yell at me while I try to stuff his little sausage fingers into gloves (like his older brothers do 🙄) #babyitscoldoutside #rowbrothree #rowlandfamilygoodness #therowlandroadtofellowship

Happy six months baby Hunt! You’re as close to perfect & precious as they come and I’ve never seen a more joyful baby in my life. The twinkle in your eye and precious smile are contagious. You’re my happy place when your big brothers are driving me crazy. I don’t know how it’s possible for a baby to give hugs, but somehow you do and I wish I could freeze them! Please stay sweet even when you hit your terrible twos 😬🙈🤦🏼‍♀️ #rowbrothree #rowlandfamilygoodness #sixmonths

Somewhere in the midst of the moving chaos this precious, perfect, peaceful ANGEL already turned one month old! Everyone keeps asking how moving with a newborn is going, and honestly he's been the most welcomed distraction during all of it (except the late night hours of course) 😝 📷: @amandamarielackey #rowbrothree #rowlandfamilygoodness

Happy three weeks to baby H! We celebrated by lugging you to your brother's outpatient surgery at 5am followed by an all day packing party with your incredible grandmas who are literally keeping us afloat these days. Way to roll with the punches little man, you're already making this mama so proud! #thirdbabyprobs #rowbrothree #therowlandroadtofellowship #rowlandfamilygoodness #ittakesavillage

Two weeks with baby Hunter and this is the first and only time our bed has been made since. For anyone who thinks my life really looks like my Instagram feed, please tune in to my story for a dose of reality. Thanks for making us look better than we are @amandamarielackey! #rowlandfamilygoodness #rowbrothree #casaderowlo

Oh donut even get me started! This is our second time to move with an infant (only this time with a 5 and 2 year old across the country and away from family!) 🙈 However somehow between the packing, piles and pacifiers I still can't help but feel completely content....exhausted, but truly and utterly content with all of life's precious blessings. #thesearethedays #sappymompost #rowlandfamilygoodness #rowbrothree #therowlandroadtofellowship

Post bath and already posing for his poparazzi mama! 👱🏼‍♀️📷 Nothing better than a clean and content 5 day old who can't talk back to me yet! 👊🏻 #rowbrothree #rowlandfamilygoodness #momarazzi

Gangs all here! From hospital to home and adjusting to life in the fast lane as we welcome baby and prep for our move! 😳 A special thanks to my amazing mama for our first family photos as a party of five! #rowlandfamilygoodness #rowbrothree

That moment my heart skipped a beat and I saw God's perfect plan for our family. #allthefeels #rowbrothree #rowlandfamilygoodness #blessedwithboys #sappymompost #rowbrowolfpack

Thankful for His ultimate sacrifice and resurrection today and always. Feeling all the feels this holiday as we continually strive to grasp the glory of the cross and teach all it represents to our children. Thankful for spring and all the new life and joy it brings as we prepare to welcome a new little life of our own in just 6 short weeks! #rowlandfamilygoodness #happyeaster #heisrisen #rowbrothree

"There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation." I will cherish these precious moments and the gift of motherhood forever. Photo by my girl @hlump

23 weeks and bumpin' right along! I suppose it's time to start the name game. Any suggestions?! #helpamamaout #rowbrothree #rowlandfamilygoodness

We are incredibly excited to announce that baby boy Rowland #3 will be joining our family this June just a few weeks before our move to South Carolina! So excited for this next chapter and feeling blessed beyond measure! #boymom #bringontheboys #rowlandfamilygoodness #rowbrothree

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